Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all wonder women in the world!

I know, being a mom is not easy, it's a full time job, it's a 24-7 job with no salary, no holiday and it's not about yourself anymore. Sometimes I miss the old me (minus the attitude) I mean having my time alone and actually enjoy without worrying about your child in your mind. Pfft. I guess it's a natural thing for us mommies. You really want to have your moment but you still worrying sick about your chores, hubby and child. I guess women love to overthinking. *sigh*

So, the second baby is on his/her way. Yes, I didn't know the sex yet, since he/she is so malu to show her/himself. So I should name him/her Baby X at the moment. Everyone would guess it's a girl, even my doctor said to me the other day prolly is a girl. I want a girl so bad, but you can never ask too much because you will end up the opposite thing you want. *sigh* Whatever it is all I want is a healthy baby. That's all. 

Here's to all wonder women in the world! I hope that you guys had a wonderful time with your loved ones today and forever 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Baby

It's the last day of March for 2016, the last year for Adam to be the one and only child, the last year to celebrate his birthday as spoiled brat and I am not ready to move on with the fact that I'm going to have a second baby next June! 

It's kind of emotional to know that next year there will be Baby  X to celebrate Adam's birthday together. I swear I just want only ONE child because I want to spoil him, just him. Alone. Selfish? I am. Maybe I'm so scared that I'll never treat Adam like I used to, I'm so worried that I have no time for him, I'm terrified that I might not spend so much time like we used to and I'm not good in spreading the love for three person in one time. Hahaha.

I did tell my hubby once, I love my son more than I'll love him. He is my first love. He's my first baby. He really changes me from the person I used to be. I'm so grateful Adam is my son. I'm really proud of this five years old boy. He's so special and close to my heart. Chessy? But I really get emotional when it comes to Adam. He is a special little man.

Last week, on his 5th birthday, we make the usual family gathering. No more the usual chocolate indulgence for him, since he's been asking for the Boboiboy cake. Pfft. But it was yummy though. As long as he's happy, I am happy. My sister even brought him one set of  Boboiboy's stationery set and meal set. He is beyond happy! :D

We did take him out for movie too. The boboiboy the movie of course. Now, he's starting to watch Boboiboy everyday. He doesn't want to watch Upin Ipin anymore. I like Upin Ipin more than the Boboiboy because Adam can learn to read doas, learn some manner and the story is closer to our daily life. Adam always want to try new things, playing the oldschool games and he can talks fluently in bahasa. All thanks to Upin Ipin :) Now, why am I talking about cartoons?

Anyway, you are five years old now baby boy. I love you just the way you are. Happy belated birthday, my love 


What to expect when you are expecting?

Bismillah.. So here it goes. Some of you guys might get my hint or maybe you guys are being too genius enough to know or I'm the one that can't shut my lips properly but I did my best..

I'm expecting my second child :)
(Psst, I wrote this post about a month ago, so I think everyone know that I am expecting now. Haha)

It's almost seven months now. It's a quite challenge for me during this pregnancy because it's been too long, five years is a long time to have a new baby, new chapter, new human being and I kinda forget what to do's and don'ts during pregnancy.

I didn't plan to write every month check ups since nobody know I am preggy. It feels like I'm having my first baby all over again. Please help me, I am totally clueless this time around. During this second time,it's really hard. Let's see what have I have been doing for the whole month of March.

* I have more than three clinic visit

* I've gained 5kgs in one month, now I am back to my normal weight before I got married

* I did take the MGTT test (minum air gula first time you!)

* I have a low HB but alhamdulillah it's getting higher and higher since I did take those Iron supplement before I go to sleep. It's makes me feel nauseous so taking it during bedtime is a way to go.

* I have to take a lot of blood test. I really hate them.

Phew. So much clinic visit during this month, thankfully I have my hubby to drive me here and there. I get tired easily too but I still do the chores like mad. Haha.

So hi there :)

27 weeks and counting 


Thursday, February 4, 2016

mommy problems

Here I am sitting on the swing trying  to do something than usual playtime with Adam. Or drinking coffee and tea at my Grandma's. Adam is out with his dad, obviously I'm all alone to do everything I want. But mehhh, I don't  have anything to do. I really don't know what to do besides eating and sleeping when I'm alone. I usually watched my old favourite movies early in the morning, after I do some house chores. Then, pick up Adam at noon, when I'm too tired I will have my nap in the evening. I woke up early everyday bcos I have to dressing my mom first thing in the morning. Then, the usual routine, make some breakfast, pack for Adam's foodie, then sometimes I send him to the school.

The typical housewife routine right? I bet you guys are yawning while reading this. Hehe. One thing for  sure, when Adam is not at home or with me, I'll be like "Adam, can you eat quickly?" "can you play with those quietly, mommy needs to sleep" "Adam, where are you going again? toilet?" Adam that, Adam this. I'm pretty sure you must hate me my child -_- But when he is not around, I have no idea what to do. I always did my chores quickly when he is not around bcos nobody is going to bother me. or I think the time flies so fast. Urgh..

Does anyone related to me? How do you feel? Do you love to be alone sometimes or you want to be with your kids all the time? I love having him around but sometimes I need me and myself time. I just wish some people understand that instead of blaming me for abandoning my poor child. Clearly going out with some friends once in a awhile or going to the movie with your spouse is not abandoning your child. There's a different between needing a space and abandoning. I hope people with no kids can just shut their mouth once and I think I would laugh at them when they are in my situation one day. Hehe.

Okay, coffee time!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#fadleepu3's wedding

I remember clearly when I was bumped into her last year and she said to me that she is getting married! Well, she is now :) 

She is one of my longest friends that I've known since primary school. Everyone knows her, who doesn't know Puteri? Seriously EVERYONE KNOWS HER. She is so famous back during our school times and a naughty one too ;) But she is a really good good friend,she is really nice if you're being nice to her. She is funny, very loud and talkative. She has the best gossip bucket,which I bet she know everybody business. Hehe.

She is finally met the one and only for her. I've seen her heart has been broken so many times but she really handle it well. She will never do stupid things when it comes to love. When she love, she fells so hard. Fadlee is a good guy for her, I just know it. He will take a good are of our princess really well. I've never seen her look better than she looks now. I'm really happy for you guys! May Allah bless your marriage, have a cute babies and be a good wife to your hubby, Puts. Today is her birthday, so here I am just want to say congrats again and Happy Birthday Puts!

Have fun in Sabah :)