Thursday, February 4, 2016

mommy problems

Here I am sitting on the swing trying  to do something than usual playtime with Adam. Or drinking coffee and tea at my Grandma's. Adam is out with his dad, obviously I'm all alone to do everything I want. But mehhh, I don't  have anything to do. I really don't know what to do besides eating and sleeping when I'm alone. I usually watched my old favourite movies early in the morning, after I do some house chores. Then, pick up Adam at noon, when I'm too tired I will have my nap in the evening. I woke up early everyday bcos I have to dressing my mom first thing in the morning. Then, the usual routine, make some breakfast, pack for Adam's foodie, then sometimes I send him to the school.

The typical housewife routine right? I bet you guys are yawning while reading this. Hehe. One thing for  sure, when Adam is not at home or with me, I'll be like "Adam, can you eat quickly?" "can you play with those quietly, mommy needs to sleep" "Adam, where are you going again? toilet?" Adam that, Adam this. I'm pretty sure you must hate me my child -_- But when he is not around, I have no idea what to do. I always did my chores quickly when he is not around bcos nobody is going to bother me. or I think the time flies so fast. Urgh..

Does anyone related to me? How do you feel? Do you love to be alone sometimes or you want to be with your kids all the time? I love having him around but sometimes I need me and myself time. I just wish some people understand that instead of blaming me for abandoning my poor child. Clearly going out with some friends once in a awhile or going to the movie with your spouse is not abandoning your child. There's a different between needing a space and abandoning. I hope people with no kids can just shut their mouth once and I think I would laugh at them when they are in my situation one day. Hehe.

Okay, coffee time!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#fadleepu3's wedding

I remember clearly when I was bumped into her last year and she said to me that she is getting married! Well, she is now :) 

She is one of my longest friends that I've known since primary school. Everyone knows her, who doesn't know Puteri? Seriously EVERYONE KNOWS HER. She is so famous back during our school times and a naughty one too ;) But she is a really good good friend,she is really nice if you're being nice to her. She is funny, very loud and talkative. She has the best gossip bucket,which I bet she know everybody business. Hehe.

She is finally met the one and only for her. I've seen her heart has been broken so many times but she really handle it well. She will never do stupid things when it comes to love. When she love, she fells so hard. Fadlee is a good guy for her, I just know it. He will take a good are of our princess really well. I've never seen her look better than she looks now. I'm really happy for you guys! May Allah bless your marriage, have a cute babies and be a good wife to your hubby, Puts. Today is her birthday, so here I am just want to say congrats again and Happy Birthday Puts!

Have fun in Sabah :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The 21st

It's our anniversary today! Happy anniversary, you! It's been ups and downs 7 years being together, from a clueless high school student and now still hubby and wifey. Hihi.

It's the only clearer photo of us today. We still do our old tradition, eating Chocolate Indulgence at the Secret Recipe every year. We never missed for it. It's the first thing we have been doing since our first date. So, it is a must to do list on the wedding anniversary and relationship anniversary (which I always forgot!)

Thank you so much for having the highest level of patience for me. You always be there for me no matter what I did. Never, never and never say NO to me. You're really spoiled me and I'm beyond grateful having a partner like you. Hihi.

Here's for our future and more happiness for us :)

Be ready for June, baby

Monday, January 4, 2016

Selamat Pagi Cikgu!

It's never too late to wish everyone Happy New Year! 
Happy 2016! 

As you guys know that, I'm not a daily or a frequent blogger even though I'm trying to be one. I went blank everytime I try to write. I'm not a good writer, but I used to read my old post and remember things that I didn't even remember! All the good times, all the memories ahh how time really flies. So, I will try to write as often as I like or I want to starting from this year. One of new year's resolution eh? Hehe.

So, I've been really under the weather for the past few months. Slowly but surely I am getting better. Almost be the normal me. You'll find out soon or I will tell you myself :) 

Adam is turning 5 years old this year. The moment that I've been waiting for to let go Adam out of my sight bcos we spend too much time since he came to this world. We were both very close and clingy sometimes it's annoying. A good annoying of course. But he won't let you do your work properly, you have to repeat the same routine bcos he makes a ​terrible mess when he is playing or eating (normal mommy first world problem) and the most important thing, I don't have time for myself! As I told my hubby once, theres no YOU or I anymore. It will ALWAYS be US. Always. I realize he is growing up, he asks too much question. Sometimes TOO much and I'll ask him to ask my hubby. 

Today my hubby and I sent our one and only child to the kindergarden. It was a mixed feeling. Excited, sad and worried. I have tried not to cry when I sent him to school this morning. At first he was happy to go to school but after seeing more and more people in the class he began to feel frightened. That's normal for me bcos I know Adam is a bit loner. He doesn't want to mix with strangers but only for few minutes. He is a big boy now. He knew what he was doing. Alhamdulillah :) I really love it when I pick him up at school this afternoon and he smiles. I know he's having a good time. 

Here's to more happy days in 2016 and happy schooling little Adam 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ungu Mozaik Tour 2015

Few weeks ago, I won two passes of Greet and Meet with Ungu the famous band from Indonesia brought by Kuching. I really want to meet them especially Pasha with my own eyes! I grew up listening to their songs well, during my high school years. I really love Pasha's voice and their song never fails me. 

So, I did what I had to do. It was easy, you just have to listen to (96.1 here in Kuching) and wait for the calling signal from Chopie or Osha and Afick. You have to sing one of Ungu's song to win two passes of Greet and Meet session and Rockzone passes for you and your friend. In my case, my crazy sisters.

We went to Citadines Hotel around 11 am for Meet and Greet session with Ungu.

Later that night we went to CityOne Megamall for the mini concert (THE BEST EVURRRRR) around 7 pm. The crowd was crazyyy! Everyone was singing along with Pasha, from Hampa Hatiku, Demi Waktu, Tercipta Untukku, Berteman Sepi, Aku Tahu, Kekasih Gelapku and Percaya Padaku. I'll share the video in my next post :)

Thank you Era for the sweet memories!