Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Twenty Oh Two

As you guys know that I'm turning to 22 today!
I guess this year I'm being ridiculous and wondering if Miss Jones would wish me.
She is a celebrity. Why on earth she does want to wish me but...she did!

The lovely and humble Miss Jones!
It's sad that she didn't notice me since few months now. Especially since she is now Mrs Jericho Rosales. She has launched the new #missjones. She is the IT girl. Everyone is in love with her wedding video and even more for now she is everyone's favourite girl. But I'm her forever stalker on her social media. Hehe. I will always support her. I'M HER #1 FAN!!! :D

Did you guys check the new Miss Jones?


Thank you for the wishes from social media and whatsapp.

Oh, Happy 22nd to me!


Thursday, June 19, 2014


Hi guys! 
Did you check out Miss Jones yesterday? Congratulation for re-launch of her blog! Check out the  new! 

and for more event from #afternoonwithmissjones, just click on the hashtag on Instagram. Everyone is having great time with Miss Jones.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Fresh start?

I know I have been googling my name (I know you did too). It's kind of shame to look at your free hair picture on google. Everyone can see it! Everyone in the world. I have deleted my pictures on facebook long time ago. I still have other social sites, Tumblr and Blogspot. I am working on it. Wish me luck! :-)

Here's a song that I keep on repeating these day.
It's kinda my kind of music, and Miss Jones's wedding video song. 
Hehe. But enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#Echokimforever 2

Did you watch #echokimforever wedding video last night?
:D :D :D

One of the loveliest wedding video I've ever seen. The video was beautiful, it felt like we were there! Oh no.. I couldn't imagine if I was in Boracay! Beautiful place, beautiful beach and beautiful event on that Labour day. The video was beyond your imagination. It was like a movie. Twilight Saga movie perhaps? Hehe. Congrats Bob Nicholas for the amazing video! I love it!

Thanks to Echo and Kim who have shared their happy moment with the entire world.
don't worry, here's the video in case you haven't watch it
or just on repeat mode just like me!

Happy watching!

Typical me

It's June baby! So, let's guess who is going to turn 22 this month?

Y'know it is easy when it comes to the things I love. I'm so typical. I'm easy but I will never stop complaining and judging things. That's my bad habit. I judge too much. I critic too much. I'm annoying liddat. But, I'm easily hurt  by words. A simple words. 

I'm a type of women that LOVES flowers so much. I don't care if it's a wallpaper, tissue paper, paper plate, a mug, a book, a file, clothes print everything comes with flower I'm instantly in love!

I love Shourouk inspired choker necklace/bag/top TOO MUCH!

I love bright colours. Colour blocking. I love pink and yellow! Then come peach, pastel blue and white. I love pastel colours too.

I love collecting things that I don't even need. Anything that I find attractive but I will never use it. EVER.

I love dUCk scarf. Okay, this is a wish list :P 

I love fresh flowers. I love Peony, Hydrangea, Rose and Orchid.

I love kilim, stripes and polka dot pattern.

I love eating vanilla ice cream.

I love to ride a bicycle on the park. Okay this is a wish list too -_-

I don't have black shoes. Not even a pump shoes or flat. I'd love to have one.

I love to eat fruits.

I don't eat fish. 

I dislike CAT.

I love cute guys. Jericho Rosales and Taylor Lautner are my obsession.

I'm short with a pear shape.

I like to be photographed but still complaining how to make my pose. 

I love to learn new things.

I love to explore place that I never know. I'd love to travel.

Bora-bora, Santorini Greece, Venice, Bali, Boracay, Paris, New York, Istanbul are my favourite place. I want to go there one day. Insyallah.

I love Mimpikita and Jovian Mandagie.

I love batik so much.

I love colourful things.

I love white furniture.

I love woods furniture.

I'd love to cook and bake.

I am forever judgemental.

and the list goes on...