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365 of 365 days

Hi. How are you?
Today is the last day of 2014. Did you manage to do things that you want to? Did you learn anything new? Did you get married this year? Are you expecting a baby? Alhamdulillah, I am very much alive until now. I'm truly grateful for having a goooood husband yet annoying. We have ups and downs a lot, but we surely can shake it off. After all, I'm living with the guy everyday. We can't stay mad at each other for such a long time. Things are getting harder sometimes, we just don't give up. We fight, we love and we stay as long as I am living in this world. Insyallah.
No, I'm not expecting yet since I get a lot of "are you expecting?" "Are you having another child again?"type of question. I'm trying to be a good mother and wife. I hope I have been good all this years and more to come.
I'm blessed for having the same bestfriends years after years. I'm so regret that some of my friends are now strangers. I don't live to…

My #duckflatlay

Today is the day! They have the winner already and IT IS NOT ME! I iz sad. I wish I could do more. I even follow a lots of people with great photo on Instagram. I'm getting some inspiration konon lah but everytime I want to do a flatlay...I go blank. Zero. Nada. Of course I want to win this giveaway so bad, but you know that you'll never win but still want to try. Hehe. I guess, not my rezeki. 

Here's my #duckflatlay :

Not bad for a beginner huh? Hahahaha!
So, I've learned few things from this game.
 1.  I need a new bed sheet. Blank white or pastel or something nice with some flowers/aztec thingy.
2. I need a white table!
3. I need to learn to arrange things nicely.
4. I have to squeeze a lot of idea. Thinking outside of the box. (But I can't. pfft)
5. I need an Iphone (ehem)
6. I need more dUCks shawl! 
Maybe I'll make #1 and #2 happening soon! It's been so fun but I need to learn again and again so finally one day, I'll be proud looking at my flatlay…