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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all wonder women in the world!
I know, being a mom is not easy, it's a full time job, it's a 24-7 job with no salary, no holiday and it's not about yourself anymore. Sometimes I miss the old me (minus the attitude) I mean having my time alone and actually enjoy without worrying about your child in your mind. Pfft. I guess it's a natural thing for us mommies. You really want to have your moment but you still worrying sick about your chores, hubby and child. I guess women love to overthinking. *sigh*
So, the second baby is on his/her way. Yes, I didn't know the sex yet, since he/she is so malu to show her/himself. So I should name him/her Baby X at the moment. Everyone would guess it's a girl, even my doctor said to me the other day prolly is a girl. I want a girl so bad, but you can never ask too much because you will end up the opposite thing you want. *sigh* Whatever it is all I want is a healthy baby. That's all. 
Here's to …