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You can say Alhamdulillah.

After almost 20 years in my life, now I can say Alhamdulillah and proudly say I'm going to change myself now. I'm still a newbie so don't be judgemental. Sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi bukit.
If you smart you'll know exactly what I'm saying :)
Pray for me pray for me.
Assalamualaikum :)


I've changed my layout again as you can see. Pfft. Yes, I like to change it everytime I want. I'll get bored so easily. I really like BlogSkin. But that cost you a lot of time! and hardwork! You have to copy that, that,that. It's tiring. Free blogskin that you have to copy the HTML only is easier but still you are not satisfied yet! Lastly, you'll end up with blogger template and change the colour a little bit. I'm feeling so pink today!

What's next? Oh, did you see my little pink owl on your left side? Cute huh? :)

Memories never fade

So I just read Namee's blog. It's about marriage. She is right about everything but you know what it is wonderful experience :)

Every moment is priceless. 
From being Yes I love you, boyfriend. Everyday is about wanting to see him, to text all day long & had dates every weekends. Just lovely...

Until he suddenly pooped the question, Yes I do. Set the date, the perfect time just you, him and families. 

Then,booommmm you got pregnant. Scared as hell but excited. Frankly speaking, it sucks. You can't sleep well at night, you want to pee like every freaking 5 minutes and you forgot there is a baby in your tummy. I do. The hardest part was searching for baby's name. It is freaking so hard. I really really want a baby girl. 

You saw your little one for the first time! Tiny little person crying so hard and you actually cried when you saw his face. My baby looks chinese when I saw him for the first time. Yes he as in a baby boy. So, named him Adam Irfan.

You know him?


 Heeee …

7th of February

Hello Miss February! We meet again this year. How time flies...really really fast. Last February I'm waiting for  little Adam to born but this year he's almost a year! Oh dear, I don't really miss during pregnancy. Trauma much? Okay not going to tell it now. Save it later for another post. Hehe
How's your February so far people? I'm good and excited counting the days before Ah Beng fly all the way from KL to meet us just for a week! Sweet isn't he? I rather he saved his money for next time but there is no other next time. Next time he will be back for Raya. I think it's too long. I do miss you. But we have to sacrifice a little bit sometimes.
I hate for people that being lovey dovey on my timeline. I think I'm forever alone!