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Fesyen and Kepsyen

Hi everyone! Is this familiar to you? This competition that mStar is having and Fashion Valet is one of the sponsors. You can win RM 500 vouchers to spend on FV. Yes, RM 500! I would go for baju raya then. Mimpikita or Jovian! *berangan*

I'm joining this contest for fun, but who knows if my rezeki to win. So, I'm asking you guys,please vote for my entry, HERE!
I would appreciate it if you'll just click vote for me. That'll be nice! :-)
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Borneo Pants

A lot has happened the past weeks and good news keep on coming to me. Two words, ALHAMDULILLAH AND SYUKOR! :-)
I haven't spent so much time updating my blog because my laptop broke again. I just bought the freaking new charger but still broke. I really have no money to buy a new one. I haven't save all of my property especially my wedding photo. Can I just cry? Well, that's one of the bad news since my last post.
Move on...
If you are following me on Instagram,I have my own page "Borneo Pants". It comes out of nowhere. I think it's cool though. I'm from Borneo. Well, at least it makes sense right? It started from the day I saw ikat pants from different people in Instagram selling it fast and not to mention a little bit expensive for me. Maybe it's affordable for some lucky people. It's not that the price though, I don't find the pattern that makes me go Olalala (crazy). There's something incomplete. 
Then I've got an idea. Let's m…