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oh-semmm Republic Twitter

Just take a look at this story banner makes me Uh- La la. It's cute and adorable! I mus t watch it. buttt it is out here in Malaysia? I hope so!

Sinopsis :

Berkisarkan mengenai cinta seorang lelaki yang sanggup pergi ke ibukota untuk menemui wanita yang hanya dikenalinya melalui laman Twitter. Sukmo (Abimana Arya) adalah seorang lelaki yang mempunyai kepercayaan diri dan yakin di dalam Twitter. Manakala Hanum (Laura Basuki) pula seorang wanita yang sangat peramah dan mampu membuatkan sesiapa saja menyukainya di laman Twitter.

Ini telah membuatkan Sukmo bertekad untuk ke Jakarta dan menemui Hanum, namun realitinya Hanum adalah seorang gadis yang elegan dan berbeza dengan dirinya yang kekampungan. Oleh itu, Sukmo bertekad untuk mengubah dirinya demi cintanya pada Hanum. Nak tahu lagi lanjut? Kenalah tunggu filem ini ke pawagam.

Ooh yeah.Credit to : Ohbulan!

Are you feel the same way too? :)


Honesty is the best policy

Yes, we've always heard this quote. Everytime we have to face something about honesty,this is the best quote of all. I couldn't agree more.

To be honest or "honest"..

One of my resolution this year is being honest. I did. but for now, I have doubt of being honest. I might hurt people's feeling without I'm knowing it.

A : Omg you looked so pretty today! *Turn around* *ROLF*
People : What the... Is she lost her mind?! *Thinking*

B : Omg,what have you done?! You shouldn't take your photo like that! It's not nice. Go get yourself ready. People : Wow, she's being real huh *Thinking*

C : Holly cow, what are you? A geek? Attention seeker.?? You shouldn't dress like that. It's UGLY!  People : Easy pal. She has feelings too. 
Which one are you? I'm trying to be the B person. I'm going to say nice words and not too hurtful. I'm not perfect. Sometimes I have to be the A  person. I don't want to hurt anyone.
I'm so mean. Geez..

Today was a fairytale

I have a lots to write but forget it already...

Anyhow, I would like to thanks my brother, my cousins, schoolmate that describe my look like a celebrity. oh perasan much eh? :P Lulz just a suka suka post from me. So let's check 'em outtttt.

1. When I was in primary school, this one of my friend said I looked like Misha Omar. Erkk,which I think erkk.. Me? Misha Omar? Really?

2.  My cousin said I looked like, Intan Ladyana. Hmm really? -..-

3. My brother was reading the Ombak Rindu synopsis then suddenly he aid " Mcam muka kau lah" -..- Lisa Surihani? -..- Really? 

Maybe, just a little bit of all those pictures. If I were Lisa Surihani, I would date Shaz Jaszle . Hahahaha dream on -..- So what say you? 


People do change

I'm missing again. But Hi.. :)

I have nothing to post or share anyway.I guess... or I simply forgot what to share. That sounds like me. Pfft. So,now I feel free to spend my little time to comment about the hot news of Nur Amalina Che Bakri. Do you know her? I don't... At first. I knew her before cos she got straight 17A's for her SPM back to 2004. She was sponsored by Bank Negara Malaysia to study medicine in the United Kingdom, and did her A-levels. Now,I really don't know what's the big deal. People thought she failed her studies abroad and returned to her mother’s house quietly. It's a rumour and so not true.
I don't want to give my opinion about that. I just wondering,is she really wearing hijab before? If yes,oh my my my. She's changed wayyyy too far. It's not my business anyway. It's just my opinion. She still look gorgeous with her hijab.

Hana Tajima (Y)
Look at Hana Tajima. She's one pretty lady with a great fashion sense. 

Nur Amalina -.…

My first goodbye

So,he left again.

I know he'll be back soon.I just don't want to be without him. It's so incomplete. I wish he can stay as long as I want him to. Come back soon honey. Adam and I really miss you. :')


Ps :Pictures soon :)

happy 2012 ♥

It's 2012 already! GET UP GET UP :)

Time flies realllllly fast for 2011 and it feels like 2011 just started yesterday. I've learned so much about my life. I thank God to give me a chance to breathe again. Alhamdulillah.

I've learn how to raise a child, how to work, how to forget people that doesn't mean anything, how to think positive, how to be a good parent and so much more.

So, I'm now an unoficially 20 :)

Be better. Smile more worry less.