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my kueh batik

Yesterday my sister and I made our favourite cake, Batik cake/Kueh Batik. I found that its not difficult but I miss my Udak's Kueh Batik. Very Yummys! :) I didn't use eggs and water cos I don't know. heheheh. It taste goooooooooood,though! :)

I've got the recipe here.

Just follow the recipe above,not mine. &&& pictures!

 #1 Marie bicuit (break into pieces)

 #2 Butter. You can use Buttercup as well.

 #3 Condensed milk. We just use half of it.

 #4 Put butter in the smaller pot and water in the larger pot.

 #5 Keep on stiring the butter!

 #6 The butter has melted!

 #7 Remove the water,then put the marie biscuit.

 #8 Add some milo and Horlicks! We should add it moreeee.

 #9 Add the butter that has melted.

 #10 This how it looks.

 #11 Stir it together until it's balance.

 #12 Put it in a square cake tin. Then,let it cool down first. Then you can put it in the fridge.

 #13 It's done to eat!

#14 My first time to make Kueh Batik. My recipe is simple but it smells like…