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The highlight of my weekends

So, I tried to make some time for myself. As in treat myself once in awhile besides shopping and spending money on food. I went to movie watching Iron Man 3 with my cousins!  :-)

I'm so glad that I finally can watch it!!! I loves movie but sadly I don't have my own movie date. It doesn't have to be my husband, as long you're fun and nice and love the movie  so I wouldn't mind! If hubby's back in Kuching, definitely we'll go for movie date IF there's interesting movie to watch. Or else just watch it online :-p
Last movie we watched together was The Breaking Dawn. Tsk tsk. So sad there's no more Twilight Saga to watch this year.
So, I'm looking forward for Iron Man 3 and Fast and Furious 6, baby! Next month next month. Hubbys home so I have a date movie for that!  HEE
Back to the main reason which was highlight of my weekends, The Iron Man 3 was THE BOMB, AWESOME, FANTASTIC AND THUMBS UP!  :-D
I can't take my eyes off from Mr Starks! He's…

Lunch with darlings

They just finished their final year and by the end of this year they are going to graduate! Congrats girls! Finally, time to meet up :-)

From left Naz, Fizzy, moi, Adam and Amy!

From left : Fizzy, Amy, Moi, Faez, Naz!
4 more girls are missing.
Hope to see you guys soon! Thanks for today and sorry Adam is not in a good mood today. You can see the result by looking at my tudung. So messy!
I was wearing brown jegging,kimono,necklace and sandal :-)
How does Vivy Yusof looks so stunning in it?!
Life is unfair.
Tsk tsk.
How to look nice and still carrying your kid all the time?
Share with me! :-)

Chasing my weekends

You have no idea what I have been through last weekends. I used to mengandor on the weekends bcos that's the only time to have a long sleep! Not thatttttt long. I usually woke up at 10 am. that's my ngandor time.
So let's see what makes my panda eyes big and bigger!
Friday :
I usually clean the living room on Friday so that I can chill on the next day. No, not just vacuum and mop around. I clean all of it means,  carik pelusok perabot buang debu. It's tiring man. MASSIVE CLEANING! Then, I when to visit my late Grandpa with ninek after Friday prayer. It's been awhile cos they always asked me to join when it's time of the month.
Saturday :
Mom asked me to drop her to the airport at 8 am. So, I have to wake up at least one hour before.
My rules; *must clean the bedsheet *must clean the kitchen table *must sweep the kitchen floor *must wash any dishes or adam's botol susu *must do the laundry 
I do it all in one hour cos I can multitasking. I can bake my cake …

treat for myself this month.

I always been complaining if I spend all of my money on foods. Therefore, I buy 3 out of my wish list for monthsssss. I know, I always kept it to myself. So, first thing I bought was a Roxy purse!
But I think mine is a bit smaller and longer?
Last time I bought myself a purse was two years ago. It was my first paid and bonus as penjawat awam that time. I can buy anything I want!
why they don't have this in Kuching? :-(

This is lovely but too big for me. 
Then, bought jegging instead a pair of jeans for me!

Yes, basic colour. 

I bought a charm bracelet from Hanicomb! It's been so awhile and trust me it is really hard for me to find the perfect one. I really,really loveeeeeeeee this charm bracelet.  Obviously bcos I love butterfly!  Simple,sweet and really nice. Love at first sight :-)
Pls do visit Hanicomb Handmade by Auntie Ida  for more and more pretty bib necklace and bracelet!  Happy drooling and shopping!

I change my blogskin more often than I blog.

You got that right! 
I was a little bit busy catching up with my favourite Philippines drama series, Sanay Wala Nang Wakas.

ArabellaGrace Gracia (Kristine Hermosa) and Christian Soriano (Jericho Rosales)
Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas (lit. I Wish It Would Never End) was a soap aired by ABS-CBN that premiered on May 19, 2003 and ended July 9, 2004. It is a love story of two star-crossed lovers who suffer for their parents’ long forgotten sins. Christian and Ara battle the odd twists and turns of fate in the hopes of protecting a love that withstands the test of time. The series was headlined by Jericho Rosales, Kristine Hermosa, Diether Ocampo and Angelika dela Cruz.