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Chasing my weekends

You have no idea what I have been through last weekends.
I used to mengandor on the weekends bcos that's the only time to have a long sleep!
Not thatttttt long.
I usually woke up at 10 am.
that's my ngandor time.

So let's see what makes my panda eyes big and bigger!

Friday :

I usually clean the living room on Friday so that I can chill on the next day.
No, not just vacuum and mop around.
I clean all of it means, 
carik pelusok perabot buang debu.
It's tiring man.
I when to visit my late Grandpa with ninek after Friday prayer.
It's been awhile cos they always asked me to join when it's time of the month.

Saturday :

Mom asked me to drop her to the airport at 8 am.
So, I have to wake up at least one hour before.

My rules;
*must clean the bedsheet
*must clean the kitchen table
*must sweep the kitchen floor
*must wash any dishes or adam's botol susu
*must do the laundry 

I do it all in one hour cos I can multitasking.
I can bake my cake while I do the laundry or sweep the floor.
Extreme OCD right?

Mom asked me to drop by at my brother's schooL.
It is Hari Permuafakatan!
It's a you re-so-dead day if youre once a high school student.
I thought it will be less than 20 minutes session turns out to be 2 hours almost 3 hours session!
I have to wait for 2 bloody hours just to take my brother's exam result slip and talk less than 5 minutes.
Kau paham?!

So I went home cos I just had Kueh Keria as my breakie.
Thank God, my mom bought Mee Goreng before she went off to the airport.
I finished the whole bowl bcos I was that hungreyyyyyyyyyy!

Then I get so sleepy cos eating too much.
But Adam's wont let me sleep!
What I did?
I give him his pacifier and bantal bucuk.
Then he's sleeping.
I did know that he wants to sleep!
I didn't get him this time.
So,I can't sleep so watch Ironman 2 on Disney XD instead.

By 2pm, 
I went to One TJ just to take my sister's shoes which she bought it online.
Do you know how far is that building from my house?
seriously malas.
But I had to though.
Later, went to Swee Kang Ais Kacang with Grandma and Alia.
On a sunny Saturday, that's what you need.

Oh, my MIL came to suprise me on the late evening!
Thanks mak ayah for visiting me and Adam :-) 

Night, I went tapau foods for my bapak and brother.
Yes, I don't know how to cook. 
Simple dish I'm alright but when comes to curry or asam pedas?
Pfft no thank you :-)

I woke up early again.
I had to make some cupcakes due to a customer need it by 11 am.
Then went to Emart with my auntie, my ninek, mycousins and Adam.
Emart is the last place I want to go this weekends!
Sunday at Emart was like Pasar Minggu Satok.

My weekends was......


I am a full time maid and driver.

How was yours?



  1. well at least u punya weekend quite ? zzzzz. haha. :D haiyak ! but that is so me. suka duduk rumah je doing nothing. hihi :D

  2. omg kak namee rajin jugak blogwalking! terharuuuuuu tsk tsk. haha. tapi ddk jer boring gak. hehe. dh byk sgt nak buat comlplaint hehehe.


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