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I never felt this way.

I know you guys would think that I am totally INSANE or drama queen or just being over the top.
As you guys know, I didn't win the #missjonesyolandaauction.When I heard the news, I am beyond excited and I am truly happy that Kim Jones, my #1 celebrity crush is auctioning off her item. Those item for me has a high sentimental value for sure. I really don't care if it was preloved. It belongs to Kim Jones. That's what matter the most. The one that I really want from the auction was the Forever 21 blouse.

It's really nice with the details on the bottom. I have been looking for this similar blouse but none of them looks good as this. Does everyone know where else I can get this? Do you see how desperate I am right now? or how crazy I sound right now? So the blouse was sold for PHP 1150 as in Malaysia RM 84.46. Congrats for the winner! You are one lucky person in the world :)
And for Kim Jones thank you for your time that you have spend to reply every each one of my questi…

I'm over the mooooon!

I think most of you guys know how OBSESSED I am with  Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones! They are my inspiration! They do everything together like, surfing, dancing, travelling, take amazing amazing photos and being a cutie pie :)

Little that I know,
I read and stalk her everyday.
She's such amazing woman and really humble cos she did REPLIED my tweet, COMMENT  on my IG,
REPLIED my comment on her blog and she LIKED my collage of #girlcrush.
Well, she said she LOVED it!

She's really down to earth and really has a good heart!


She's currently auctioning off some of her item on Ebay.
Say what?
Kim Jones's item?????
Only if I have some money right now I would bid for everything.
As for now, I have been looking forward for this day and now she really is auctioning her item off.
This Forever 21 blouse is one of my favourite since she posted it up on January 2013 in her blog.
I really love the details on the blo…

It's never too late.

So, today is the last day in Muslim calendar. We usually have prayer (doa) for welcoming a new year and end of year. Honestly, I have never know about this untill now. It's really sad for living in the world for 21 years now, I just knew things like this. I should thank my family especially my bapak. He always remind us a little thing like solat and things like this. May Allah bless him for everything!
"At the end of Zulhijjah after Asar prayer before Magrib prayer, read the prayer 3 times last year. anyone read it 3 times God forgiven his sins in the past year."

Read if you havent. It may be our last year well who knows kan? *goosebump*