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Sharing Planet @ Downtown

Last Thursday JJ, Ayu and I went out dinner together at Sharing! I always drooling when people posted the chicken chop or foods from this Sharing place. I really wanted to go there and luckily last Thursday was my lucky day!
Sharing Planet is an uniquely designed wooden built restaurant in Kuching, you can enjoy western food anywhere else, but dinning here will definitely be one of your unforgetable experience!
Cosy, quiet environment and romantic mood on!

This planet serves western food, pasta and a wide variety of drinks selection, located about 4KM away from downtown Kuching.

 Source : Google

Ayu's Carbonara JJ's Chicken chop (Yummehhhhhhh!!!!!) My Meatball Spaghetti Ayu's fruit salad. Oh yeah, I ate the whole oranges :-p
I love the whole decors and lighting.
It was really a nice place to have your dinner with family and loved ones.

I was wearing Paisley Palazzo and my RM 20 cream top from Brands Outlet!
I'm looking forward to meet up Putery and Nea after this! …

My Saturday

It's been awhile since my family and I spend Saturday together (not including going to Emart). Today we went to Lundu! It's my bapak's nephew wedding. The last time I went there I still get the chance to ride along with ferry. Sadly, there's no more ferry this time. :-(

My sister told me that I looked like Sultan Brunei's wife  -__-
Maybe I've gained some KGs. I do look bulat in this photo.

I was wearing Cotton on batwing top.
Then, change my clothes at Nek Su and Nek Udak's house. I didnt bring fancy top or bawal bcos we're going to the beach! Who looks pretty going to the beach? Are you kidding me?!

Hello my favourite place in the world. Ahhhh.. I love beaches :-)

Happy Adam and bapak. :-)
It's almost 2 pm and I swear to God, I'm sweating like a pig. Pfft. We reached home by 3 -ish almost 4 pm in the evening. We decided to go to the town since Plaza Merdeka is having Big Bike Auto show or something. Well, so not my thing but yeah of course hu…

My very own mixer

My wordless Wednesday. My lucky and unlucky day.
That morning seems fine and normal for me like any other day. When lunch at Rumah Hijau Riveredge. I always wanted to there since it's 2 km or less from my house! Nasik Ayam Penyet is a must :-)

Adam and ayah.

Aww my precious one :-)

I'm loving the decors.  I wanted my future house exactly like this :D

Muka sik mok pulang.
When back home to pick up my sister to tag along and Zuhur sebentar. So, the plan was going to Giant to buy a mixer. To Giant Padawan we go!

This Phillip Corina just for RM80 for the whole set! Cheap right? Asked the salesman, he said its only a display, they don't have it anymore. I was like....Okay, so why dont keep the display instead sell it cos you don' have it anymore? Pfft.
We looked around and saw this!
Pensonic mixer just for RM99!!!

The most important thing is I love the colour! It is not ordinary white, its look like pink-ish white and the buttons are PINK! hehe
We went to Plaza Merdeka and…

Like a birdie

I always love birds. I even asked my sister to buy me a birds pattern top. Who doesn't? :-)
So,I have been lazy bum to write up on my blog these days. Lets see what had happened :
1- My sister is on holiday for 2 months and she is back in town. 2- Hubby's home for a week already. 3- me? I have spend so much this month I could shoot myself!
What did I buy? Hmm let's seeeeee....
I bought two candy jeans through online, it's from Wearewear. It's not a website or facebook page. They only available for Instagram. You can check 'em out! So, I bought Mint and Peach candy jeans. Too bad, i bought the M size cos M is for 28.  28 definetely is my size. It's a bit big for me then I went to Jenny's to alter them. it fits me so well! My advice try to buy size S if you wearing 28 to 30 size. Seriously I want to buy every colour but then again I dont have so many tops to pair with :-( FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM.
Of course, I bought shawls. My first fishtail top in maroon. My …