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Happy New Year!!!!!!!

The Last week of 2012

Been there 3 times last week :-)

Happy face :-)

Looks what my MIL gave us :-) 

Finally, dapat makan setelah mengidam :-)

Ais Krim Gula Aponggggg! :-)

Brought Adam to Rumah Hijau. Gadly he loves Nasi Ayam Penyet :-)

Sempat gathering with my girls :-)
Since I'm going to MIL now, not going to online until tomorrow. Have a great New Years everyone!

It's a hohoho day!

Happy holiday, people!

Christmas deco!

Hey, I'm a Muslim and I don't celebrate Christmas but just want to share with you guys the christmas decoration around shopping mall in Kuching :-)

The Spring :-)

Plaza Merdeka :-)

The Hills :-)
I haven't go to the Boulevard yet so I'll post it up later. Most of the place I go, they only set up one christmas tree and thats it! -_______- You know what I mean? No spirit at all. 
Till then!

My happy pills

Happy pills? Do you even know what that means?

Last weekends went to Plaza merdeka bcos Cotton On is open! Really been waiting for that store to open since forever. The last time I've purchased from that store was in KL last puasa shopping with my sister. What I really can say is, the items was okay the price also affordable. I was really hope there were a lot of pump shoes or bags! Last time I bought my red pump shoes just for RM15! So sad they doesn't have pump shoes. Eh, they do have it's just for 3 or 4 type of it. 
I really want to buy one piece of basic top for me. I don't want to buy something that I need to wear cardigan. You know, with weather like this in Kuching, I can die wearing so much clothes. Okay you know what I mean.
So, went it again today to purchase it! What did I buy this time?

These two lovely colours :-) I never have a blue or green tops! I always buy peach/salmon colour items if you ever realize it. Not to mention, the bag that…

Do vote for me for "I love fashion with Friendlyfashion!" contest

okay, I've just joined the contest though I'm not even close to stylish person. just for fun :-)


Few days ago, I received email from Friendlyfashion about some contest bla bla which in my mind "another contest. yay!" "wait, need a stylish look. hmm" "eh, highest likes will win" Ugh not again. Not this kind of contest again.

Well, on my previous post about Piccherita share and like contest which I gave up already though I have exactly 15 days until the contest ends. Let me tell you, from the first week of contest, we were the second highest most likes on facebook. The very next day, still the second one. Okay, I'm sure I can beat the first place. 2-3 days later boom! The first place got their more 1000+ likes on their picture! Phew How can I managed to get 500+ people to like my picture? Where can I find these 500 people? You tell me. 2 Weeks later? Let me summarize it here for you.

First week : 150-200 LIKES to beat the fir…


Assalamualaikum :-)

Just share something due to desperate updating my blog. I've been hibernating these past few days. I did even off my BIS. My social stuff is gone. Just check my email, facebook, twitter 1-2 minutes every night. If you are lucky, I'll reply it if not..... hehe I just missed 12/12/12 date! But I have today,  1/2/34 Hijrah in Islam Calendar! :-)
Not to forget, 13/12 and 14/12 are my baby girls birthday!
*drum rolls*


tambi! hahaha LOL Amy :-)
Happy birthday girls! xo

One day with MIL

Set my alarm at 7 am cos I need to prepare a lot of things before we go. But ended up, waking up at almost 8. Just niceeee!

The weather was so lovely. It was sunny Sunday, goooooood time for little photoshoot! mihmih. Sadly, my boys were still sleeping by the time I get myself ready and packed our things. I still got time to make some breakfast and eat it alone! Adam won't leave his Upin Ipin. Hubby was..... I really don't know what was exactly he's doing.... It was very very LATE! We supposed to leave before 9 am but only drive away by 9.15 am. Safely arrived at 9.45 am. Just half an hour from my house to Damai Beach Resort!

It's been awhile..

Daddy's little boy.

Adam's Doraemon face. I loveeee. 


Too excited!!!!! the smile was really priceless!

With my SIL, Kak Z and her 3rd baby

We had a really good time for this weekends. Adam is happy. I love seeing him happy. Priceless.❤