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mommy problems

Here I am sitting on the swing trying  to do something than usual playtime with Adam. Or drinking coffee and tea at my Grandma's. Adam is out with his dad, obviously I'm all alone to do everything I want. But mehhh, I don't  have anything to do. I really don't know what to do besides eating and sleeping when I'm alone. I usually watched my old favourite movies early in the morning, after I do some house chores. Then, pick up Adam at noon, when I'm too tired I will have my nap in the evening. I woke up early everyday bcos I have to dressing my mom first thing in the morning. Then, the usual routine, make some breakfast, pack for Adam's foodie, then sometimes I send him to the school.
The typical housewife routine right? I bet you guys are yawning while reading this. Hehe. One thing for  sure, when Adam is not at home or with me, I'll be like "Adam, can you eat quickly?" "can you play with those quietly, mommy needs to sleep" "Ad…

#fadleepu3's wedding

I remember clearly when I was bumped into her last year and she said to me that she is getting married! Well, she is now :) 
She is one of my longest friends that I've known since primary school. Everyone knows her, who doesn't know Puteri? Seriously EVERYONE KNOWS HER. She is so famous back during our school times and a naughty one too ;) But she is a really good good friend,she is really nice if you're being nice to her. She is funny, very loud and talkative. She has the best gossip bucket,which I bet she know everybody business. Hehe.
She is finally met the one and only for her. I've seen her heart has been broken so many times but she really handle it well. She will never do stupid things when it comes to love. When she love, she fells so hard. Fadlee is a good guy for her, I just know it. He will take a good are of our princess really well. I've never seen her look better than she looks now. I'm really happy for you guys! May Allah bless your marriage, ha…