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Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional

I'm officially

....last Thursday! Woo that was 5 days ago. I know. I've been busy as usual with my little one and got tired by time I want to turn on my lappy. Pfft. I am thattttt lazy.
So,thank you again for the lovely wishes via facebook, twitter, text everyone! I'm so appreciate it and so glad I actually live until now :}

Can you believe I'm actually 20 now and having a good life having my little one, hubby & family? What could I ask for more?

Thank You, Ya Allah :}

Ehem, today Hubby brought me to my favourite cake shop everrrrr, Secret Recipe.I didn't know he wants to celebrate my birthday today! As usual, my favourite Chocolate Indulgence ;

Hubby's Oreo Cheese ;

He apologized too for not having a cool party what so ever -.- I am not 10 years old lah sayang. I think having my tea time with you eating my favourite cake is more than enough :)

Thanks love and I love you so much.

Mei mei.

I always love my weekends part 1

Yes, since my hubby is back we always spend quality time with Adam on the weekends. I just loveeeee it. Last two week, we went to Taman Sahabat! We went there before but Adam was soooo little. He doesn't walk yet. This time my God I tell you, laju sekali kaki nya! :S

Taman Sahabat or Malaysia- China Friendship Park

The Malaysia-China Friendship Park at Jalan Song, Kuching is undoubtly one of the most picturesque parks in the State.Costing RM12-million to build, the park commemorates 30 years of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China. The seven-acre-park is a symbol of bond and appreaciation of cultural differences between the two nations.

The Friendship Park area incorporates the styles of Yunnan province with a Chinese gateway, friendship memorial tea pavolion, zig-zag bridge, Beijing and Kunming pavilions, wishing well and a 20-foot statue of Admiral Zheng He(or better known to Malaysian s as Laksamana Cheng Ho), admidst elegant landscaping of Chinese flora, a water lily pond…

My very late wishes..

to all the men in the world!  :)

Especially to my dearest bapak,

Jasenu Bin Kisni.

My father in law,

Mohd. Yansin bin Abdullah 

My Ah Beng/ Hubby,

Amirul Akmal 

My precious little one :P

Adam Irfan 

May Allah bless all of you guys and I love you guys a lot. Thanks for everything and brighten up my days :)

Much loveeeeeee,
Your lovely daughter & daughter in law, wife/Mei Mei & Mummy/ Mama (He likes it)

xo xo

My lovely June

It's been a week I haven't post anything. Blame for being busy with Dream Outfit by Friendly Fashion Contest. Yes, I made out 6 collages for the dream outfit. A very simple collage. I was so rambang mata with the items. There were very cheap and cute though some of them are preloved and new ones :} I don't really give any hope to win cos most of contestant are very creative! Good Luck everyone! 
So, How was your June so far? Good thing here in Sarawak were having longgggg weekends! HEHE My weekends was so packed and tiring but still... fun in my own way.
1st June
We went to ngabang as in visiting my bapak's friend Uncle Jeff for Gawai. 

Me, Little Adam and Hubby

Sister and my boys

My bapak and Adam
I just love the scenery, very very beautiful. So I asked my Mom to pull over just to take pictures. On our way home, suddenly Adam vomitted towards me and Ah Beng. I was panic at first cos I don't know what to do. It was his first time! We pulled over at the Petronas to …