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Unplanned Saturday

This is so called unplanned Saturday for me. I usually pick out any outfits (bonus if my sister is in town, means more clothes) and decide where to go. I love unplanned stuff because it will give you the best result!

I dropped by at my hubby's grandmother's house for makan hol. It sucks because it's raining that day. I was "okay we should go back after this and sleep." But Alhamdulillah it's sunny next thing I know, we brought Adam to the Fish Museum. It is always Adam's favourite place to go. He loves goldfish (every fish are goldfish to him), tortoise, huge playground and waterfall.

It almost 6 pm I asked hubby to take a photo of me. The last time I was there having a photoshoot with my girls was half a year ago. It was pretty long ago right? Instead of one I asked him to take more and more. So the result you may ask? I LOVE IT :)

So, in my opinion don't plan things, let it be! 
Place : Museum Sarawak

Hi February!

February has been very lovely from the start. My whole family were here in Kuching Sarawak for my uncle's wedding! Everyone loves wedding! Oh well, what's a wedding without family drama. Lol. Let's skip that part and now let's roll some picture during that day.

1) DIY pelamin. YES, DIY.
2) Flower girls ( flower crowns made by yours truly :-) )
3) Post-wedding photo. Lol Hubby and i :-)
4) The groom and the bride.
5) Ohana.
Alhamdulillah. Everything went well and smooth. I miss during a week before the wedding on our side. We spend everyday doing chores, karaoke-ing ( karaoke-ing was fun) and yes, hell lot of drama. We did everything from the bunga telur, the pelamin,flower crown (ehem ehem), cooking, cleaning, wash the dishes and not to forget photos was taken by Mr Hubby ;)
Tired as hell but it was worth it.