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July is almost over. I'm just about to write something in here. Well, hello :-)
It's the 21st night of Ramadhan Kareem! I have absolutely nothing is going on with my life during Ramadhan. I'm being a sotong during Ramadhan. If you know what I mean. Yes, being a lazy bum cos I really want to lie down 24/7. YES, NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD.
Let's go back the day before Ramadhan is here!
I went out with this ladies. We went for bowling and dinner after such a long time!

Luncheon with them a day before puasa!

Oh yes, I have finally finish watching SWNW!!! Still, I don't think Ara should be with Christian. Who cares? The soap opera has two diff ending. Me no likey! She has to choose ONE! Pfft.

Oh remember I was drooling over Diether Ocampo during the drama and guess what? Now I'm drooling over JERICHO ROSALES! :)
Maybe lah... he's on Instagram and Diether doesnt have one. So I can stalk him everyday!!!! I even stalk his girlfriend, Miss Kim Jones. She's really…

one of my favourite moment!

Yes, we are still talking about JUNE! Pardon me, I was busy re-watching Sanay Wala Nang Wakas. I can't really resist this guy..

He is NOT a Korean guy, he's from Philippines! Cuteeeee right omggggg  :-)
So, let move on shall we? Let just scroll back two days before I bought my phone. It was 22nd of June right a day after my birthday. We decide to do our VERY LONG POSTTTTTTT WEDDING photoshoot!
It's been half a year now, so what am I really waiting? Why should I wait since all of my girlfriends are with me? Okay, why not let's do this!
Are you ready for my very own wedding picture? I mean, a very nice one since I am skinny compared to my real wedding photo.

These are my favourite! Thanks to my lovely bridesmaid. Thanks for my brother in law and his friend. And many thanks to my hubby for this amazing photoshoot I love you guys :-)
P/S: More on my facebook, if youre wondering.

Hi all!

It's really sad that I've been abandoning my blog for such a long time.  It almost a month is it? Phew.
I have been on Instagram a lot lately and Whatsapp-ing my dear friends. It's kind of my new routine since I have my new *cough*bestfriend*cough* So, let's talk about that first.
Eh, wait scroll back few days before....
21 June 2013. I am officially an adult now! I'm turning 21st last 21 June 2013 on last two weeks Friday! Phew that was ages ago...
Anyhoo, I would like to thank everyone who wish me that day and the one so called friends who doesn't even wish me  :-P I know every each ne of you my dearest friends. It's a bit ouch but nah, I'll get used to it since I'm an adult! Lol
I've been waiting for the that day, Finally I can get my self something that I wanted since forever. Okay,since my poor HTC died on me last year.
That's a hint, fyi.
My new bestfriend that I never left for a second from the day I bought it.
It's her. …