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Did you guys even know #flatlay is? To be honest I just knew about it like... yesterday? I didn't know all this time taking photo from above, that looks reallllllyyyyyy nice is called a flatlay! Now, since #duckscarves is having giveaway (which I'm not going to make it anyway) but still, I want to join the game. Let say it's just for fun or having some experiment named "Can I take a nice flatlay?" Oh, did you know the prize is, iPhone 6 in Gold!!! 
Then, I'm starting to follow some new Queen of Flatlay. I always love Vivy Yusof and Kim Jones but hey I need more inspiration. I've starting to follow @parisinfourmonths and @thepinkdiary. I love pastel colour photo, bright and looks really really really nice. 
So, here's 5 tips that I read Five tips for taking the perfect flat lay Instagram photo on Australia Vogue. (I'm actually reading Vogue? Can someone help to slap me)
1. Choose a basic background 
White or wood backgrounds are the best for any ty…

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?

The most beloved film, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta has reunited after 12 years for a commercial. Everybody loves Cinta and Rangga love story back when 2002. Every girls was screaming for Rangga. Every girl wants to be the perfect Cinta having four bestfriends that always stay together, close family, and school's sweetheart. Did you guys watch it yet? 

The film (2002) is available on Youtube you know, in case you guys kinda miss them :)
Anddddddd, I think everyone was watching the #AlumniAADC by LINE today! 

Have you guys watch it? NO? You have to watch it nowwwwww, and then you'll be begging for another show. It's a 10 minutes short story about Rangga, now a foreign correspondent, returns home to look for his first love, Cinta after 12 years! Man, it's been really a long time. So, here's the video for you, enjoy! :)

Rangga x Cinta