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So, I've been missing again. I had a good time this week :-)
I went out with Ayu last Monday bcos The Spring is having mega sale! I didn't go buy everything just buy things that I need and I have been wanted to buy. So,bought Roxy Purse just for Rm 50!
Then, next lunch (lunch lah sgt smapey ptg) with JJ and Ayu!
I had a greattttttt time with you guys! :-)
Oh, Adam is having terrible fever and cough for the few days. Alhamdulillah he's good for now. The parental are gone. They went to KL to attend my cousin's wedding. I have to be the Big Momma.
Andddd, March is ending now. Tsk Tsk.


I have never feel like this before. You know the feeling when you want to talk to someone, but you don't have anyone to talk. You feel want to spend time with someone, but every each one of them are giving you excuses everytime you make an effort. You feel so empty and barely know everyone you used to be friends. Where did the all good things in life is gone? Am I the only one living in this world?

Switched at birth

Switched at birth

Tells the story of two teen girls who discover that they were accidentally switched at birth. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother, while Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing as a child due to a case of meningitis, grew up with a single mother in a poor neighborhood. Things come to a dramatic head when both families meet and struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls.

I know I am thisssssssssssssssssssssssssss late for watching the series!  It is totally different from the series I've been watching, GG, 90210, Ugly Betty, Jane by Design,Desperate housewives. Um, no I'm not a fan of the vampire series.  I had enough with the vampires and all.  No, not the werewolves,JACOB BLACK! *scream* Not even PLL.  I haven't have a sneak peek of them but I don't think I need another GG. Drama every episode. You think it is easy to catch up with all series?
So, I really love this series!!!! I think I like the wa…

it breaks my heart

So, yesterday I was a little bit being OCD. I've cleaned the whole area of my room.  Usually, I just sapu sikit sikit then thats it. Then changed my bedsheet again (my favourite  Little Miss Sunshine!) Then kemas kemas till I found boxes of Adam's tiny clothes :-( I managed to find huge box to put the whole thing in it. Adam's jumpsuit. My God, there's plenty of them. Bapak won't let Adam to wear it anymore cos Adam's is bigger and taller. Not that sik muat kah apa, he said the jumpsuit are ridiculous and Tarzan's clothes. I love all of them. My favourite one is thissssss!

#1 my favourite!

Yeah, my mum bought the bee and the panda jumpsuit but never get a chance to wear it twice!

Fat and happy Adam. I love this Adam. He doesn't grumpy all the time! hehehe :3 Seriously, there's a lot of his jumpsuit but never can wear it again, so sad.
Look at this tiny guy. He grew up already :-( Then, his tiny pillow and all, it really sad to put all of them in a …

The little one is turning to two!

It's very special day today! I will never forget the 19 March (though my favourite number is 21) till the rest of my life. 
*drum rolls*

Happy birthday,sweethearttttttt!  He is turning to 2 years old today. Times really do flies so fast this year. It's been 2 years being a mother, I have never been happier to have my own child with the man that I love. I really hate it when it comes to my angan angan, Adam will be 20 years next thing I know..... I wish I could be with him always. He grows up so fast. He is much taller than before yet so thinner than before. So, the birthday boy is sleeping bcos he has a fever :-(
Guess his cake this year?  *




We got him the very last minute angry birds cake! It's beautiful, amazing, big, tall and yummy. Last year I wasn't so into to buy angry bird bcos most of them looks terrible. But this one, so cantik!


Yeay I'm back!


I wasn't on vacation or something. Yes, it's a vacation for me bcos I had my bibik all week last week. Guess who's back last Saturday?


So, the reason I abandoned my blog just because,

I wrote my bla bla bla then something came up and have to close my blog tab.I turned blank when I click on my blog I forgot what to writeBeing lazy bumOff from social networks Very typical me. So alasan.

Yes, I do updates IG, some tweets or some fb share & win contest! Typical me. Not to forget, stalks some people. hiks.

I was on you tube then I saw this ads while waiting for Breaking Dawn clip ( unseen scene,bts) and wow It's Sazzy Falak with red hair. I think it's red. I'm not really good in describing hair colour. Pardon me. Back to the ads, it's about a contest (typical me, again!) sharing your Joyous Moment with Your Little one by Frisco Gold. I thought I can't join the contest bcos some of the contest I've joined before you must purchase the it…