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Breaking Dawn 2

Here it is people. The movie that we have been waiting for! Its finally hereeeeeeeee :D

WHO'S EXCITED?!!! ME!!!!!!!!
Ok, liar liar pants on fire. I am. No, I a huge fan of this Twilight Saga! I'm a #Twihard but not too extreme like having my phone covered with Twilight case or a tatto maybe? Lol 
So, I have watched it 3 days earlier. I know right. What do you expect me to do, I really can't wait that longgggggggg! I'm sad bcos there is no more Twilight Saga to watch. All the franchises are ending and it’s so sad. I've watched it one by one I have that feeling like "Omg! what happen next I want to see!"feeling. For now, no more. Please don't read my post if you haven't watch, thank you! So here's my conclusion about the part 2. I love the new Bella Swan.She has a good taste in fashion in this movie. She doesn't look awkward in this movie.As much I love the new her, I hate she plays the angry part. why so tough? Jacob always with Renesmee all…

Just girls

It is only me or anyone have two circle of bestfriend?

#1 Bestfriend when i was 16  until now...

#2 Bestfriend since i was 13 and still counting!
Well who cares? I love both of them. wait, I loveeeee all of them! During their holidays, I managed to meet up with all of them. Once a year. Can you imagine the last time I met Ayu when I was preggy now Adam is almost 2! Phewwww. I'm so glad that I did! 
We had dinner last Sunday, It is so last minute plan. My first time went to Chef Home! I am highly recommend for those who loves western. I think it's a western. Forgot already.Geez. The price is really affordable. Really surprised, I must say. The workers are friendly too!
So, let see what have we choose for dinner.

Mushroom Soup

Garlic Bread  This is my meal. I'm craving for it that day, so yeah..

Chicken Chop It's JJ.

Fish and Chip Nea's and Ayu's
I just eat two slices of bread and I was like damn kenyang -.- It's pretty good and I still can't believe it i…

Another sale

Yes, I have 4 more tops for sale. I love love love them but adly I can't wear them. My sister brought it before I wear a hijab. Prolly you guys would say, that is why people invented an inner. Inner just not my thing, I'm not really a big fan of using inner. So I have decided...FINALLY! to let go of them..

#1 Batwing Cream Top S/M  RM 30 

#2 Batwing Mustard Top (Nichii) S/M RM 35

#3 Batwing Peach Transparent Top S/M RM 25

#4 Colourful Long Sleeve XS/S RM 20
All the price are negotiable. If you interested leave any comment here.
Browse for more, here.


Kerenah anak adalah ujian Allah. Ia menguji kesabaran dan keimanan manusia kepada Allah.

Firman Allah SWT dalam surah al-Anfal ayat 28 bermaksud: ”Dan ketahuilah bahawasanya harta kekayaan dan anak kamu adalah cubaan hidup dan sesungguhnya di sisi Allahlah pahala yang amat besar.”

Panel pendakwah dan pendidik, Wan Akashah Wan Abdul Hamid, berkata Allah sengaja menguji keimanan kita untuk melihat sama ada kita semakin bersyukur apabila dikurniakan zuriat atau semakin jauh daripada-Nya.

Segala ujian itu tidak terlepas daripada dua perkara, iaitu sebagai penghapus dosa atau peningkatan darjat.

“Apapun sebab kita diuji dengan kerenah anak, Allah bukan bertujuan menyeksa kehidupan kita, tetapi ini tanda kasih sayang-Nya. Sebelum ibu bapa memilih kaedah paling sesuai mendidik atau mengajar anak, mereka perlu pastikan tiga perkara iaitu mengenal pasti jenis kenakalannya, tahap nakal serta membezakan kesilapan dan kesalahan anak.

Ya Allah Kau berilah aku kesabaran yang tinggi..


New name!


Did you notice my new header name? Yes, I've change it. "I'm always forever 21" Let see why I choose this name.

My birthday in on 21stMy wedding date was on 21st I'm going to be 21 years old next year (2013)21 is always be my favourite number in the worldI love it Haaaaaa! That's all :P It is nothing actually I just give it a try and why not? It so cliche to use my own name.

Have a nice day ahead!


Hello, November!

This picture is kinda give me a goosebumps. *sinister moment* Hi.
I know I was late to wish you guys, Welcome November! :D Well actually this post has been in draft 4 days. So, let's see what we had back in October :
Two of my good friends back in PLKN are now mommies!!!! Yaya and Shin Chan ( I gave her that nickname bcos of her thick eyebrows hehe)Meet my girlfriendsPurchase some online thingyBeing a lazybumI got a job interviewWelcome home, my lappy! :)extra $$$ (hahaha) Still, boros.

Yes, I really need to belajar save some money! I really really should. Or buy something as an investment? heh.