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Hello 2018

Hello there!
I have been abandoning my blog for a year. I was coping with the loss of my mother and my grandmother. After 99 days my mom died, my grandmother passed away on 4 January 2017. Last year was everything about family for me. I have been with my family and my in law almost all the time. Then, I'm having my own personal problem. My mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer too. Just like my mother. She is still recovering. She is still in the stage one. I hope she will get better than ever. Yes, too much for me for last year, I was really wanting to move forward to the next chapter.
On the bright side, my son Adam is turning to 7 years old this year! It's been seven freaking years since I gave birth to him. I felt it was a year ago... still can remember the contraction pain and the push-your-baby-out moment. It was so embarrassing! Hubby and I were so confusing about the new chapter of Adam. We even late for the school registration few months ago. Thank God his n…