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Just want to share something that I read from my dear friend Lyn's Blog. I didnt know anything about Rejab until I read her blog. Thank you, Lyn! :)

Bulan Rejab adalah bulan ketujuh dalam kiraan taqwim Hijriyyah. Bulan ini termasuk salah satu di antara bulan suci dan dinamakan sebagai bulan Allah. Nabi Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam bersabda bermaksud: "Bulan Rejab bulan Allah, bulan Syaaban bulanku, dan bulan Ramadhan bulan umatku."

Bulan Rejab juga dianggap bulan istimewa kerana pada bulan ini berlaku peristiwa Isra' dan Mikraj Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu `alaihi wasallam.

Di antara amalan yang baik diamalkan di bulan Rejab ialah puasa dan bersedekah. Banyak hadis-hadis Nabi Sallallahu `alaihi wasallam menyebutkan tentang kelebihan puasa di bulan Rejab. Antaranya sebagaimana hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh At-Tabarani daripada Sa`id bin Abu Rashid bermaksud:

("Barangsiapa berpuasa sehari daripada bulan Rejab maka ia seperti berpuasa setahun, dan barangsiapa berpuasa d…

Win Your Dream Outfit worth RM200 FriendlyFashion

What to wait?!!!! Come on let's join this and you can win your dream outfit worth RM200. That's easy.

BUT you guys have to read this first ;

Contest terms and conditions:

1) Contestant must be a member of
2) Items in collage must be from and be submitted to hello[at]
3) Postage delivery is included in RM200
4) The decisions made by Ami Schaheera and Crew is final
5) Items that are no longer available in the dream outfit will not be held responsible by
6) Items that are no longer available in the dream outfit may be replaced by another item as long as it does not exceed the budget of RM200
7) reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the contest
8) Contest submission ends 31st May 2012.
9) One winner will be chosen and it will be announced in the first week of June.
10) Buying of items will begin straight after winner is announced.
11) Collages will be …

Clothes for sale

Brand New
Size S/M
Stretchtable RM 40


Cotton with lining
Size S/M
RM 15

Brand New
Size S
RM 20


Shawl anyone?

Let's start with shawl shall we? :)

#1 Material : 60% VISCOSE 40% SILK Price : RM 5

#2 Material : 60% VISCOSE 40% SILK Price : RM 5

#3 Material : 60% VISCOSE 40% SILK Price : RM 5

#4 Material : Lycra Price : RM 7

#5 Material : 60% VISCOSE 40% SILK Price : RM 8

#6 Material : 60% VISCOSE 40% SILK Price : RM 5

#7 Material : Polyester Price : RM 5

#8 Material : 60% VISCOSE 40% SILK Price : RM 5

#9 Material : Jojet Price : RM 5

#10 Pashmina Price : RM 5

#11 Pashmina Price : RM 5


If you have noticed my profile picture and twitter avatar I'm using Thomas Mcdonell picture!! Oh if only you knew him. Do you?

* * *
Last week, I was just flipping to the channels then I saw this cheesy and typical movie "Prom". A cliche Disney teen sweet flick but I did watch the entire movie though.. Typical (in the sense that you can predict what’s going to happen), but it was still very sweet— okay I have a weakness for movies okay :3

I do think this movie is kinda fairytale (still watching it). It's about a group of teenagers get ready for their high school prom.. Most of them are nerds. You still can be with someone that you want for that night! Sounds its not going to happen in real life. Well, almost in typical teenagers movies. The story ended with the jerks got shamed on and the good guys had a great time, great night! The ending was goooooood :)

Most of the cast I haven't watched them acting so I think some of the actors did quite a good job especial…


It's been awhile I took picture of myself so hello!

This was last Saturday I went out with my girlfriends. We don't take picture like we used too. Shy maybe? Lulz

FINALLY, my very own shawls :) 
One of friend wants to wear hijab but she's not 100% sure yet. I think we as muslim shouldn't wait any longer. RUGI RUGI RUGI. Thats what I felt when I was starting to wear hijab. Why didn't I wear it since I was little :( WHY WHY WHY. But for now Alhamdulillah
You go girl. Cepatlah wear hijab. Nothing to lose. I love you.

One Orange Saturday..

So much orange in one day;

I loveeeeeeeee batik pattern except Kolej batik. Don't ask me why.

I bought this too. My very first hijab for myself :')


Not to forget, Happy Mother's Day to me and my mamak and mamak mamak in the world ♥♥ ♥

Im in love....

....with Aztec patterns. Since last year, I've been watching Aztec pattern on tumblr. There were bags, skirts and blouse. It was pretty awesome stuff and how I wish here in Malaysia they have something like that. ugh I want it so bad I wish they were here :(

One day, I read Amy's blog and how much she wanted a tribal scarf. Finally, her sister bought for her. I didn't know the tribal scarf at first. Then, I googled it I found the same pattern with Aztec. It is the same? Pardon me if its wrong. It looks like no different to me :P

So I was asking my sister to buy it for me since she's living at Shah Alam. I hope she'll find one for me. I found it is so pricey to buy it online, the postage ugh.... Are you kidding? I don't want to spend more than RM 50 just for a scarf. Though it's cute but no. I should find it by myself. If there's anyone know where can I get with cheaper price let me know! Thank you very much :)

I want something like this ;

Cool righttttt…

56 years and counting.....

There are 5 men in my life each one I love more then the world. These men are my bapak, my grandfather, my hubby, my brother ( though he annoys me a lot!) and my little one Adam. Today is one of them are going to be 56 years old. That is my bapak! So,

Happy 56th birthday!♥ ♥ ♥
He is the one who willing to do anything for the one he loves the most. I hope you can perform your haji with mamak next year. Insyallah.We, wawa, yon, me, ezai, dadam and ah beng will always love you. Thank you for taking care of us bapak. I know I have been not really good daughter. Insyallah I'll make you proud one day. But for now, I will take a good care of you while you are here.

My bapak is the greatest bapak in the world. I ♥  you!