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Happy Mother's Day!

Tsk Tsk.

Happy Mamak's Day for all of mothers in the world! Especially to my dearest madre, Arsimah Binti Madihee. I love you mak. I can't imagine if you weren't there for me always and no words can describe my feelings to you. I owe you big.
My second mamak, Salbiah Binti Zaini She has been there for us since we were little. Yeah, that's make her my mamak too!

Thanks a lot mak. I owe you big. I love you!
of course,  My Mil  Happy Mamak's day!

May has begun!

Last Saturday, I desperately need to go out to meet my girlfriends! Just because....

Lame excuse but we get to have some fun time just the four of us!  :-)
So, we went to the brand new cafe shop at Plaza Merdeka. Boardriders Cafe.

Sorry to say, Starbucks tetap dihati.  Hiks. But the place was awesome!
I really love the decors and music.  I don't feel like I'm in Kuching,Sarawak. It feels so LA cos I watched 90210 too much? Hehehe.

Of course lah took so many pictures at the cafe.  :P
Then, went to Amy's just for lepaking.

We did another photoshoot!  Just the 3 of us. We should do this often guys! I need to update my gallery lol
Looking forward to meet Fiza and Ezzah  :-)

Baju raya mode part 1

Hello there, May! :-) and Happy Labour day!
How's your holiday so far? I've been watching Iron man 1 and 2 on Disney XD  and Kim and Kourtney take Miami back to back today. Yes, laugh at me. I don't have anything to do.
Okay, raya it's 2 months away.  I did send my baju raya to my tailor with my mom last Friday. I really have no idea for the design this year. I really love fancy kurung online but I don't know which one to choose! As you know, Jovian Mandagie is available nowwww on FashionValet! Too bad, the pre-order was closed yesterday. Haaa! Macamlah nak beli. Cuci mata sekali sekala. I always love Jovian design! I even asked my tailor to do one of the design :-)
Let's see my favourite this year: 

Gorgeous and simple!!!

I'm so in love with this. This is so meeeeeee :D
I think I'm gonna change my design to this one! 

Imagine I'm wearing this *pengsan*

So this is one of my baju raya design! Shorter and tapeh duyung :-) Of courselah not the exact k…