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Beyond my imagination

Someday, I will. Insyallah... I really want to there with my parents, my family and hubby.

Just imagine my hubby and I not to forget our children reading Al Quran together at Mekah.

How can I even go there if I don't read Al Quran everyday?  I never missed reading Yassin every Thursday. Yes, never.

Alhamdulillah,I do perform my solat and I hope I will never forget it. Mostly, just for 4 times. I rarely perform Subuh bcos I can't wake up early in the morning bcos I feel want to throw up. Every morning. Now, I'm trying. I hope Allah accept my solat and doa.

When I'm going to be one of those muslimah?

Will my marriage going to last forever to Jannah?
One word, INSYALLAH. :-)

Happy CNY!

It's the time of the year again for those who celebrate it, Gong Xi Fa Chai to my dear Chinese friends :-) As for me I loveeeeeeeee angpau and mandarin oranges! Just give me a box of it and I can finish it less than a day.

So, have a good one people! Just like my family and I having fun today :-)


Just hope, not expecting anything.

So, I didn't get the chance to write my last post for January post. January has been good to me. All my family members are coming home herein Kuching, Sarawak. We have gathering, meet up and spend some time for awhile.
Guess who is back?
#1 My sister from Terengganu. 
#2 My aunt from Pahang
#3 My SIL and BIL not to forget, Aina Damia! :-)
#4 My aunt, cousins, niece, nephew from KL
It's good to be surrounding my family. Oh yes, my older sister is coming back too next Wednesday! Everyone is coming home except for hubby! 
Also, I'm starting to make my chocolate cupcake too.

The cup is extra taller. My previous cup is medium size but it is no longer in the store :-(
Alhamdulillah starting to sell it to the kampung. At least lah kan, I have nothing to do.
So, my new resolution : Just hope, not expecting anything.
Happy lovely month everyone! :-)
Ps: Did I ever mention this, umm I had the sweetest dream ever well twice actually since early January and last n…