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Berdango Part 2

I always like the idea of having all of your bestfriends together in one roof, cooking and gossiping! I always love it! Instead of going out, over thinking what are you going to wear, what to eat and what time we have to go and so on. I don't know about you, but I have limited time to go out with my girlfriends. I can go out for lunch or dinner but that's just it. I don't watch movies with them anymore. I don't even go karaoke-ing. I can but I refused to stay longer. My big boss, Adam will always looking for me. Always. I can bring him along but he will be grumpy. Thank God if he is in a good mood. Yes, thank you for that.
So, I bring hubby and Adam along with me so I can spend more time with my girls. Hehe. The last time, there's only Naz and Fiza with us. Hence, spaghetti, nachos and beef pie are too much for four and half of us. So, since Lina and Amy already joined us, we had to make a variety of foods. 

Baked Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Fried Mushroom, Meatbal…