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Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures

Hi all! I think these awesome pawesome photos can brighten up your day. Happy drooling!  :-)

Click HERE for more photos! Too adorable I can't handle...

Lunch date

Well, having a lunch date a day before raya is a big no for me. But I guess it's different for this Raya Korban. I have nothing much to do since I've done my job earlier. And good thing is when my hubby is around, he can take care of Adam for me. Hence,I have time for myself!!! It's a HUGE deal,you know. You'll realize how much you want a little time for yourself  when you're married and having your own children. Well, being married is not a bad thing! -___-
Please don't get me wrong here. Sometimes you need some space to breathe and treat yourself a rest for awhile. I really don't know what would happend if I can escape more than 24 hours  :-P
As usual, my girl JJ loves to eat at the Pure Fish Ball Cafe. It's been awhile I've been there. The timing is right! I was craving for Nestum Chicken so bad.

Two Iced Lemon Tea for me!

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3
I was trying out my palazzo and I think I looked over the top a little bit? Right? -_____- But I do lov…

Beach mode

I've missed the sound of waves so much. It's been awhile my family and I haven't spend weekends on the beach. Since hubby was here last weekends, so I asked him to go to beach instead of going to the town. HELL YEAH, I WAS SO EXCITED! :D

How I miss this :/

Pardon for my awkward pose. -____-
I was wearing one of my #tudungsister shawl. I super love it!

Last Saturday was not a good day to spend time on the beach. Pity Adam cos all he wants is to swim. So he was just playing around before its getting dark and start to rain.

There goes my beach mode.
Only last for 30 minutes and it was raining.
We'll go another time okay?



Hubby left again after 5 days of holidays. A very short one. Adam and I had a good times with him.
Today post ; Airport Outfit.
I really love simple outfit.

"I thought you never wear black?" - Hubby Of course I wear BLACK Shawl. It's the most basic thing in every girl's closet. I mean girl with hijab.
I didn't use any make up or even a little day cream. Look at those pale face. -____-

Thank you for this. I've been wanting it so bad since last year. I bought the mini one since my hand is so freaking small. Pfft.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

It's not a little too late to wish all Muslim around the world, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha! :-)
I love taking pictures during festive season. Or  During my siblings/hubby around. Its like a happy pill to look good but all it the time? Pfft. How can people look so amazing beautiful and post #OOTD everyday? I do feel tired to take a picture right before you're going out from the house. BUT
I need to do this often. It makes me happy  :-)
For today, I will share some of pictures of our Hari Raya Korban.

Only in Kuching,Sarawak, Malaysia!
Have a good day everyone! :-)

Tudung Sister

Hi all! Yesterday I have received my parcel from FASHION VALET!

Guess what I bought this time? Luckily I don't have to pay for it cos it's my giveaway gift! :)

See my name there?? Finally, I won something! It really made my day! Thank you FashionValet! I'm going to wear it soon.
Wonder which one is my choice? SOON!

Happy 21st Tintin!

Happy 21st birthday, my dear! I hope you're doing great and hope you get whatever you want and happiness! May Allah bless you always, Nurul Ezzah Fathin:-)

Say Hi to Miss Jones!

I'm officially one of her biggest fan! I do stalk her blog and instagram. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

She's really good in fashion. She's effortless but damn she always looking good!

She does take great and really vibrant pictures.

And who doesn't know she is Jericho Rosales's fiance too? Pretty damn lucky girl!
Here watch this short talk show to know more about her. I love her accent.

Trust me you'll love her.
Do follow her on twitter; kimcamjones Instagram ; kimcamjones