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Amy is in relationship

Say whattttt? It's official and hot topic of the week!!!! Congrats to my baby girl now officialy someone's girlfriend. Awkward. Hehe.
I iz sad. You know why? I used to CC Amy on twitter/facebook/instagram with silly single jokes.Now, I only have Lina and Ernie. Tsk tsk.

when someone asks me why i'm single

when someone you don't like starts talking 
Why are you single

 Happy having a relationship, my dear! Forget me not xoxo

Wedding gift and waffle date

It was a very last minute plan with Amy. We went to the gift haunting. One of our close friends are going to tie the knot this coming Friday! This was my first time to shop wedding gift for my own friends. Like your friends, you must impressed her with your gift. Not just a simple card or wishes on Instagram/social media. Hehe. 
So, Amy and I went to the Green Gallery. Oh before that, I bumped into the beautiful gorgeous Brian O'conner's GTR!!!!!! White GTR! I was like "Amy can you stop! I want to take picture!" Of course Amy would say NO WAY! Then I said " Pleaseeee its GTR! Turn around please" Oh how very thoughtful Amy just drive away her Altis. Okay Amy. But we did walk away and snap a photo of GTR. Hehe.
Okay, then we went to the Green Gallery. My my my.. what a nice store. I can't take any photo unless I want to be kick out from the store. (Heh managed to ootd in the store) But still, I was in love with the store. The store looks a bit expensive,…


I have been obsessed over Celine bag over the years. I wanted to buy one for myself. Not that real one, but the authentic bag. Okay, the bag looks like one. Who else afford to buy MYR 12,000 bag in my age? Pfft, not in a million years.
I won the Mstar daily prize RM 100 voucher from the Glossy Addiction :-) (This was before I won FV voucher) I didn't expect this until the Mstar team called me. I was so thrilled to find out that they are selling Celine!!! Pretty Celine and very cheap too. So, I bought the Tan Celine bag over the Black Celine in velvet. I have a thing with velvet stuff that makes me uncomfortable. I just dislike it.
Finally, I have my own Celine and it was a free gift! Who doesn't like FREE gift?  Hehe.

Mstar X Fashion Valet

Alhamdulillah. I won the RM 500 voucher from Fashion Valet. This is my second time won something from FV. Last time, I won Tudung Sister contest. This time the same old contest, who gets the most like will be the winner, I won with 121 votes from my dear friends and nice strangers. I'm sorry I have been annoying asking each of you guys to click the link and vote for me!!! 
I have been dreaming of having piece of Mimpikita and Jovian Mandagie. I'm honestly sad that it's too expensive. Jovian is no longer on FV, but Zalora yes. But I won FV voucher. Ughhh. So, I was waiting for Mimpikita EID collection which they just launched few weeks ago. Sadly, they didn't launch on FV. Nevermind, I guess . BUT for just once, in my life I want it and for FREE? WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE GIFT ;-)
But finally, I made my mind. I just buy everything that I want or need. What did I buy?

Paisley Print Long Pant from Kitschen

I would buy the Tropical Pants, but it was sold out. I love the m…

Curiosity killed the cat

What if I used to say NO? What if I used to say SHUT UP to very person that crossed my line? What if I used to say THIS IS MY LIFE, let me live this? What if I KEEP MY LIFE LOW, can I get through with it? So, what if what if..
I just feel that everything that I 've done in my life is useless. Nothing. I have to ask permission to do everything. I have to ask their opinion to buy/do/make something. I have no right to do in my own way. There will be a lot of critics that I get from my family/friends. 
Now I know, where did I get my JUDGEMENTAL attitude.

#EchoKimforever ❤

If you guys are following me on the Instagram, you will definitely know that I am obsessed with Jericho Rosales! *fangirlscream*  I love him since Pangako Sayo and Sanay Wala Nang Wakas. But since he came to Sarawak last year, I get to know his girlfriend, Kim Jones. So, I started follow Kim on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, I even read her blog. I read her previous post on her archive. One word to describe her, WOW ❤

It is such amazing how one person, a totally stranger can give such an inspiration to you in life. I love everything about Kim Jones. How she shoots beautiful pictures with vivid colours, how she impressed me with how she effortless to dress up, how she does her pose, how she being so kind to reply all my comments on social network, how she is so thoughful by selling her clothes for Yolanda victim (though I didn't win it) and the list goes on.

I am maybe a stalker or obsessed with her. I just adore her. 
Last week, 1 May 2014 is the new chapter for her and Echo. Fina…


April has been really wonderful for me. #Borneopants is one month old now. I am truly grateful and overwhelmed with the non stop order from my dear friends and stranger. Thank you for supporting #Borneopants and you are welcome again to order! ;)

We will joining our first bazaar, solo bazaar on this coming Sunday! Mark your calendar and save the date with #Borneopants! You will get to see the real item,colour, choose your right size or custom made and order fro us! It's only for 1 week and it will come to you doorstep!