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Mstar X Fashion Valet

Alhamdulillah. I won the RM 500 voucher from Fashion Valet. This is my second time won something from FV. Last time, I won Tudung Sister contest. This time the same old contest, who gets the most like will be the winner, I won with 121 votes from my dear friends and nice strangers. I'm sorry I have been annoying asking each of you guys to click the link and vote for me!!! 

I have been dreaming of having piece of Mimpikita and Jovian Mandagie. I'm honestly sad that it's too expensive. Jovian is no longer on FV, but Zalora yes. But I won FV voucher. Ughhh. So, I was waiting for Mimpikita EID collection which they just launched few weeks ago. Sadly, they didn't launch on FV. Nevermind, I guess . BUT for just once, in my life I want it and for FREE? WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE GIFT ;-)

But finally, I made my mind. I just buy everything that I want or need. What did I buy?

Paisley Print Long Pants in Pink

Paisley Print Long Pant from Kitschen

I would buy the Tropical Pants, but it was sold out. I love the material. It's really comfy!

Pants in Brown

Pants in brown from FV Basic. I love love the shape and it fits me so well! :-)

Rip Curl Heartland Cheque Book Wallet.
Hey, I'm desperate. Have you look at my Miss Roxy?

Round Neck Shirt in White
Round neck shirt from Kitakids for Adam Irfan.

and DSTRYR tee from Kidsnowadays


Back2school minion lunch box for him!

Not to mention I bought notebook, because it is so cute and it's is soooooo me.

My first choice was Simplysiti Make up Remover. Vivy is using it, look at her skin, so flawless! Hey, why don't give it a try right? But I ended up with the notebook. T.T

Last but not least,

A special gift for myself,that I will never ever buy it using my money :P,


Crepe Shawl Toffee Puding from dUCk
Why toffee? Obviously, it's not my colour. I wanted Lemon Meringue so bad. Then I had to choose only one..

Yes, that's all for RM 500 voucher from Fashion Valet! Thank you so much Mstar and FV!!! :D

Ps: dUCk are going to launch more new colours tomorrow! Stay tuned with them!


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