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عيد مبارك‎, (My Eid Mubarak! )


How was your raya, everyone? :D Goooooooooooooooood or awesooooooooooooooooooome?! Mine was okay. Yes. It is not that good but not thattttttttttt bad. Time flies really fast this during raya. It's already 8th day of raya, the mood was totally off. But I really want to go visit my friends house which I didnt go this year or never. Whatever I miss all of themmmmm! Less talk let's picture do the talk. hahaha!

Husband ❤

My little Adam ❤ ❤ ❤

My sisters.


My sister in law :)

My girls ❤

My mother and father in law :)

My niece and sister in law :)

My oma and bapak ❤

My in law :)

My girls ❤

My girls 
My family and I haven't take my family picture this year :( So sad. I'm so glad I have meet all of them but not all of my friends. Till next raya. Insyallah.

Let me remind you


I bumped into Mr Cool yesterday :O It's been 3 years or more since we met each other and having conversation. Who is he? If you read my previous blog which I have deleted few years back :P He was someone in my teenage life. I've been over it though I have never forget it. You know I can remember only him but not the others. If you asked my feelings of course I don't love him anymore. hello it was 6 years ago......

Cinta monyet.

Alhamdulillah I'm married and have a child with my hubby that's my life now. Why live in the past if you can happy in the future? :)

One of my best friend is having a tough time right now. You know who you are. I never never never thought she is soooooooooooooo sad. You know after so many years I've been through the same things but all the guy that I dated are bullshit. You know why, they are immature they left me for someone else. They think they owned me so I have to left. They think I'm a toy to play with while his girlfrie…

Accessories lover?


Few days ago, I was browsing through my friend's blog, Hilda teo. I really adore her blog bcos she always share everything in her blog. This is her wearing H&M inspired necklace! Look how adorable it is :)

I love her necklace! It looks like Teenage Dream necklace and this one is H&M inspired necklace from Dazzling Couture.

Dazzling Couture homepage



Bracelet/ Bangle.

Earings anyone?

I was really suprise when I saw the price of all accessories! IT IS SOOOOOOOO CHEAP! Some of online shops sell three times more than Dazzling Couture price. I adore this Juicy inspired bracelet!

......but it is out of stock :(
So let't shopping for raya ;)

Little too lucky Pt 2


Here goes my part two of happiness this week! :D

*Drum roll*

I won another contest ( be jelly :P ) which is Ramadhan Giveaway by Medeaz and Sincerelybyushawls. Weee I'm not looking forward to win this but Alhamdulilah rezeki :)

I didn't win the first place though but it's okay! I won a Manga Shawl from Sincerelybyus Shawl and Medeaz Fashion Accessory! Uh La la ~ Thank you so much :D :D :D

So far, I've bought a tribal/aztec shawl from Sincerelybyus Shawl. The quality is goooooood too.

Good news for me, Medeaz offers me 10% discount and free shipping if I purchase any of their items! Isn't that awesome?! So, I really wanted this Mustard Pop Maxi Skirt.

Don't even ask. This is my favourite colour of all time! Too bad it is not restockable :( Then, I decide to buy nothing but the owner Mediha told me they have a new collection but they haven't released it yet. So I shouldn't say anything about that! ;) I chose one of the items from the new coll…

A little quick note


Did you heard all the stories in newspaper about Rohingya Muslims in Burma? It's so cruel and everyone is against them just because they are Muslims. Please my dear friends, help them.

Look at the baby.... :(

You can help by signing the STOP GENOCIDE ROHINGYA MUSLIMS IN BURMA petition. Then, you can choose 25 of your friends to share it on facebook/social networks so that we can reach 100, 000 signature. 
PLEASE. Help them. They need us. 
May Allah bless you.

Little too lucky pt 1

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

It's already 12 days of Ramadhan since my last post. Alhamdulillah 18 days to Eid Mubarak! I just can't wait :D I've been busy to perform my terawih this Ramadhan. Sadly, I've been skipping 4 days bcos Adam had a bad fever ever. 39.5 c. YOU KID ME NOT. I was THISSSSSSSSSSSSS close to go to hospital. Thank God, after two days he is fine now. Alhamdulillah.

I'm getting good with puasa no more gastric come and go :P I don't fell like vomiting all day long. eh wait that was the time I was pregnant. It was HARD. I'm not going to talk about puasa all in this post but I'm going to share with you something happened to me this week :D

*drum roll*

I won one of the contest from Friendlyfashion! Do you know them?

One of my best friend tell me about them, Amy Roslan. She asked me to join the site. It is a huge site where you can sell/swap your clothes/accessories. So, I saw my another friend post about them too, Hilda Teo. Then, I…