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Bon Voyage JJ

One night I got whatsapp from Yana says that JJ, my dear bestfriend back to Kuching for the weekends. So I'm not that surprised because she used to return home quietly because she was afraid she would not have time to go out with friends. I guess. Hehe. Then , I wonder what is very important to her sister took me to the house for farewell. Guess what? I never expected this would happen (in a good way) ...

She will pursue her degree in Liverpool as in UK! I never saw this coming , but I'm happy for you my friend. Masyallah, congrats congrats! Sadly, Nea and Puteri were not there with this farewell.  I'm so overwhelmed because Yana would invited me and my hubby to gather together before she flight off to back to KL on last Sunday.  It was a last minute surprise farewell. I feel guilty of lying her in the evening by saying that I'm busy, I can't meet her. But what actually happens is I make a card for her .Hehe.

Anyone who knows me, I'…

A day in Carpenter Street

This was almost a month ago, but definitely one of my favourite hangout session with Sarabanons. We went to the famous Carpenter Street (though Lina didn't know where exactly it was) I was like are you kidding me, this is my space!

This was the first time I brought them to this street. Soooo, what did we do? Firstly, we went to Indah Cafe.

To be honest, several of the new cafe in Kuching aren't that gooood as it looks. The environment looks so beautiful and creative but the food and drink mehhh but the price is so ridiculous. But this Indah Cafe is one really good small cafe in town that you should MUST visit again. I love the brownies so much! I should try the another cake next time I go here! A very tasty cake from reviews some people who have come here.

Then this, The Wrong Place. This shop offers you western food only. In case you are looking for chill place to hang out with your friends. It was a really good, you guys should have a try for it.

This is a RARE side of me. I…

I am Afganisme for today!

Well, obviously I am not a fan girl of Afgan Syahreza but HE IS SO ADORABLE and a heartbreaker in the same time! Pfft. I love love love his voice and DIMPLES. Please don't judge me, I'm a wife and a mother but I'm still drooling over cute boys. Bahahaha.

So, today I went to meet Afgan for the sake's of my sister. SHE LOVES AFGAN TOO MUCH. You can say she is a Afganisme. I'm not but only for today. Hihi. I won the Meet and Greet contest from Erafm Sarawak last Monday. I've got three passes to meet and greet Afgan and three passes for rockzone. I was reallyyyyyyyy excited to meet him! But it didn't turned out so well. Just because...


It's not a big deal, then again when is he going to Kuching again? Pfft. My sister did! But poor my little cousin she didn't get the chance to selfie with him. I felt bad for her. The security didn't allowed us to take selfie with him. But guess what?

WE DID. Boo you sec…

Little food party

Sarabanons and I have been hanging out a lot for the past months. I guess I just love having them around, having nice food and taking millions of picture everytime we were going out. It's bit annoying especially for Lina and Amy since they were like nagging everythime I want to take picture. My favourite person to be photograph is Naz. I bet she knows me too well. Haha.
So, instead of trying out new places around Kuching, we decided to hang out at home, making some homemade food and just chill at home. It's just three of us, Naz, Fiza and I. Well, of course I bring my little family along.

It was planned few days before.You know the rules, everytime you try to plan something, it will never happen or get cancel. This time it finally happened! :D
Fiza made Beef Pie and I made them spaghetti and nachos! Lina was supposed to join us with her butter chicken which I have been wanting to eat since raya! She couldn't make it anyway bcos she wants to celebrate her dad's birthda…