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Surprise surprise!

YAY! WE DID IT!  Last night was definitely my first time ever in my entire life, make a special surprise birthday for my bestfriend! We kept this plan wayyyyy before her actual birthday. It was amazing that she really surprised by us, her mom and Mak Nek. Thank you aunty, for letting us crashed into your house and take millions of photos.

1. So, I didn't manage to capture the earlier moment which she actually cried. *tsk* But I do have the video to remember those precious moment when she cried, totally speechless and stand still next to the door. We really did a great job by keeping this secret for a long time. 
2. As usual, pictures with birthday girl.
3. Another photo before we started to have dinner. It feels different to take a seat on the same table, having dinner together. It feels like home. It's so much better than having dinner at the restaurant. 
4. Our instax.
5. Last but not least, the last picture before we all head home and back to reality.
6. Birthday girl with…

Feeling 22!

Today, 7 January 2014.
Happy Birthday to my lovely wife, beautiful bestfriend and amazing sister!
Nazhatul Hashimah Razali 

She's the oldest among us yet she's the most beautiful sister. Subhanallah :)
Thank you for being a nice person to me since we were 13 years old. We did private message through Friendster back then. We say Hi to each other during school time but never hang out together. I knew you are a nice person. I wish I knew you since we were babies! By late 2008, we started to be friends and hang out. Then become much closer than ever. She always there for me. She's the first one that I told her I gave birth to Adam. She's the first person that I ask if I want to hang out. Things are so different without her. She's really can be so annoying yet I feel so incomplete without her. Thank you for having me as your friend and sister in your life. I wish you the best always. I love you, bestfriend! ♥♥♥

Little thing about little one

Basically, people who doesn't know me or anything about my life will assume that I'm a single mom or there's something in their mind or  Adam is my little nephew. I'm married, but my husband isn't always around with us. I think it really does became a natural situation for me. I get it, I have to be a mom and dad on the same time. Tiring? Only God knows. May Allah bless every woman in the world.  Amin.
Being a parents is one lifetime job. Take it or leave it. If you decide to have single life till the rest of your life, you are the one will lose. There's something about being parents that I love. Especially, being a stay home mom like me. I've been there since the first day Adam was born to this world. 
So, here's you need to know ; He is turning to THREE this year! Two more years he's going to school.Wait, whattttt? I bet all mommies would react the same as mine. It was like "time flies so quickly and he grow up in a minute" moment. Yes,…

Being OCD

If you have been following me quite sometimes, I did admitted that I have OCD.

What is OCD? It's obsessive-compulsive disorder. I'm not thatttttt freak. You can say average. I get this since I'm a home stay mom for awhile. I have plenty time to do nothing in the house. So, I started to clean the house, do the chores, and if I don't I feel bad. Guilty.
My sister called me OCD freak and I didn't know what the fish is that. So, I googled it and read the symptoms... Then, I started to freak out. I do have the symptoms. It is normal? What I have to do to stop this? It is healthy? oh my oh my..
I do know myself well. I'm not on the high stage of being OCD. I used to arrange my clothes according to colours. Who does that? My tudungs as well. Then, I stop doing it. IT'S OKAY, I said it to myself.
Now, I have this daily routine. I HAVE to do it everyday and every morning. It's a normal routine for stay home mom like me. You get up, you do dishes, you clean the …

Say hi, 2014!


Here’s to another year filled with memories and friends. Let's have a great year everyone and thank you for following me. I did make a little resolution for myself. Insyallah. I'll try a little harder to be a better person. So, BISMILAH.