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Being OCD

If you have been following me quite sometimes, I did admitted that I have OCD.


OCD - organized grocery list. Am I the only one who does this?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Organized tank top collection.

What is OCD? It's obsessive-compulsive disorder. I'm not thatttttt freak. You can say average. I get this since I'm a home stay mom for awhile. I have plenty time to do nothing in the house. So, I started to clean the house, do the chores, and if I don't I feel bad. Guilty.

My sister called me OCD freak and I didn't know what the fish is that. So, I googled it and read the symptoms... Then, I started to freak out. I do have the symptoms. It is normal? What I have to do to stop this? It is healthy? oh my oh my..

I do know myself well. I'm not on the high stage of being OCD. I used to arrange my clothes according to colours. Who does that? My tudungs as well. Then, I stop doing it. IT'S OKAY, I said it to myself.

Now, I have this daily routine. I HAVE to do it everyday and every morning. It's a normal routine for stay home mom like me. You get up, you do dishes, you clean the kitchen, you cook (in my case, rice), you do laundry. I hate to see my mom doing all the chores. You can say I'm a good daughter or I just "pay" my stay by helping her do the chores. For me, I don't like peoplewho don't do chores in MY WAY. Yes, if you want do the chores, you have to do it my way. 

If you put the forks in the spoon area, I would freak out. If you put your stuff on my bed, I would freak out. Only pillow are allowed on the bed. My husband does it ALL the time. He put his jacket on my bed, his shirt, his jeans, his stuff. Argh, I bet he does want makes me angry all the time. Pfft.

Okay, I need to stop.

Let's keep my OCD in my mind. The list is too long to share. I hope by sharing this, I want you guys to know, you are not alone. :P


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