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August has been..... dull for me. Raya is okay just bcos hubby can only celebrate raya 4 days with us and I lose the big camera's memory card!!!!!! Tell me how the heck I'm supposed to calm down while my mind thinking of that damn card! Still, Syawal is almost over and I haven't found it. So, I should probably buy a new one. Yeah, you probably think I should buy a new one earlier but then guess what I still have a lots of unsaved picture in that card.  I should snap and directly save it on my laptop earlier :-(
So, move on I did buy the new one anyway but now the smaller camera's pouch is missing. You know what??? I'm going to clam down and breathe.
* * *

4TH RAYA. Hubby's leaving for his duty.

7th raya. I have so send my eldest sister to the airport.

Raya has been wonderful with them <3

Swee Kang-ing with her before she left for KL this weekends!

Finally, wore this lace top.
I prolly should wear with a skirt next time?



Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir dan Batin from my little family :-)