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Today was *drum rolls* My Adam Irfan's 1st birthday!!! :)

We didn't celebrate today cos we did celebrate when Ah Beng was here last week.So, this was a little celebration for my baby.

Just a simple rainbow cake for him. I didn't buy the secret recipe cake design which I have to order a week earlier :( never mind maybe next year okay syg? :)

Just us ♥♥♥ ♥ Dear Adam,

In case 20 years later you found my blog and read this, mama loves you so much!!! I'm so glad you're this big and so healthy. Alhamdulillah. I hope you will always remember me and your Ah Beng always. We love you, do make me proud and be a pilot! I know you'll love it. Don't forget to bring me to go shopping too! Last but not least, let me know if you have a girlfriend! hehehe kidding! Enjoy your life baby, take care of yourself honey! Much love from us. :*

Your sayang mama.

Thanks to my dear friends who did wish Adam too. :)



FJ001 Bought from PDI rm 10

FJ002 RM 5

FJ003 RM5

FJ004 RM5

FJ005 RM5

FJ006 RM5

FJ007 RM5

FJ008 RM5

FJ009 RM3

FJ0010 RM5

FJ0011 RM3

FJ0012 RM3

FJ0013 RM3

FJ0014 RM3

FJ0015 RM3

FJ0016 RM3

Pre-loved item for sale!

If you're following me in twitter, you would know that I'm going to sell some of my stuffs due to a) I need more $$$ 2) I just don't wear them anymore 3) I need to clear my room

So,are you interested? There would be lotssssss of earings! Necklaces, headbands tops & tshirt. Stay tune!