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March Baby

It's the last day of March for 2016, the last year for Adam to be the one and only child, the last year to celebrate his birthday as spoiled brat and I am not ready to move on with the fact that I'm going to have a second baby next June! ♥
It's kind of emotional to know that next year there will be Baby  X to celebrate Adam's birthday together. I swear I just want only ONE child because I want to spoil him, just him. Alone. Selfish? I am. Maybe I'm so scared that I'll never treat Adam like I used to, I'm so worried that I have no time for him, I'm terrified that I might not spend so much time like we used to and I'm not good in spreading the love for three person in one time. Hahaha.

I did tell my hubby once, I love my son more than I'll love him. He is my first love. He's my first baby. He really changes me from the person I used to be. I'm so grateful Adam is my son. I'm really proud of this five years old boy. He's so special…

What to expect when you are expecting?

Bismillah.. So here it goes. Some of you guys might get my hint or maybe you guys are being too genius enough to know or I'm the one that can't shut my lips properly but I did my best..
I'm expecting my second child :)
(Psst, I wrote this post about a month ago, so I think everyone know that I am expecting now. Haha)
It's almost seven months now. It's a quite challenge for me during this pregnancy because it's been too long, five years is a long time to have a new baby, new chapter, new human being and I kinda forget what to do's and don'ts during pregnancy.

I didn't plan to write every month check ups since nobody know I am preggy. It feels like I'm having my first baby all over again. Please help me, I am totally clueless this time around. During this second time,it's really hard. Let's see what have I have been doing for the whole month of March.

* I have more than three clinic visit

* I've gained 5kgs in one month, now I am back…