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Ungu Mozaik Tour 2015

Few weeks ago, I won two passes of Greet and Meet with Ungu the famous band from Indonesia brought by Kuching. I really want to meet them especially Pasha with my own eyes! I grew up listening to their songs well, during my high school years. I really love Pasha's voice and their song never fails me. 
So, I did what I had to do. It was easy, you just have to listen to (96.1 here in Kuching) and wait for the calling signal from Chopie or Osha and Afick. You have to sing one of Ungu's song to win two passes of Greet and Meet session and Rockzone passes for you and your friend. In my case, my crazy sisters.

We went to Citadines Hotel around 11 am for Meet and Greet session with Ungu.

Later that night we went to CityOne Megamall for the mini concert (THE BEST EVURRRRR) around 7 pm. The crowd was crazyyy! Everyone was singing along with Pasha, from Hampa Hatiku, Demi Waktu, Tercipta Untukku, Berteman Sepi, Aku Tahu, Kekasih Gelapku and Percaya Padaku. I'll share …

Four months or less

Hello! I'm currently back on my blog. Yay says no one. Pfft who cares? It's me with my mood. I'm like "oh I want to write something on my blog right now". It's been almost four months or less since my last update. I have had a really rough few months.
First of all, my mom had a breast cancer and she is on her stage four. It's awful. Why did nobody see it coming? It's been really tough with my siblings and my dad. We fight almost everyday but we communicate better than ever now. We are closer than ever each day but we didn't show it to each other. We are in a better place right now. Thank you for all the prayer and wish for my mom. We really hope my mom is brave enough to fight for her life and our hopes too.
Other than that, there's a lot had happen with me too. Good and few bad things. But right now, I can't even think any of it as I have to bake my brownies right now. I have to deliver it by 4 pm. So, bye for now!