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Baju raya mode part 1

Hello there, May! :-)
Happy Labour day!

How's your holiday so far?
I've been watching Iron man 1 and 2 on Disney XD 
Kim and Kourtney take Miami back to back today.
Yes, laugh at me.
I don't have anything to do.

Okay, raya it's 2 months away. 
I did send my baju raya to my tailor with my mom last Friday.
I really have no idea for the design this year.
I really love fancy kurung online but I don't know which one to choose!
As you know, Jovian Mandagie is available nowwww on FashionValet!
Too bad, the pre-order was closed yesterday.
Macamlah nak beli.
Cuci mata sekali sekala.
I always love Jovian design!
I even asked my tailor to do one of the design :-)

Let's see my favourite this year: 

Jovve Luxe in Matte Gold

Gorgeous and simple!!!

Jules Luxe in Nude Brown

I'm so in love with this. This is so meeeeeee :D
I think I'm gonna change my design to this one! 

Lenara Top in Soft Yellow

Imagine I'm wearing this *pengsan*

Jiselle in Gold and Black

So this is one of my baju raya design!
Shorter and tapeh duyung :-)
Of courselah not the exact kain like this.
Tsk tsk.

Another two kurung I just asked to do kurung fesyen cos I'm blank.
I will change it and go visit the tailor later.

So, how's your baju raya this year?
Mind to share?

Oh, don't forget to visit Fashion Valet to see the full launch.
Go Fashion Valet (Jovian Mandagie)
Happy shopping!


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