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Did you guys even know #flatlay is? To be honest I just knew about it like... yesterday? I didn't know all this time taking photo from above, that looks reallllllyyyyyy nice is called a flatlay! Now, since #duckscarves is having giveaway (which I'm not going to make it anyway) but still, I want to join the game. Let say it's just for fun or having some experiment named "Can I take a nice flatlay?" Oh, did you know the prize is, iPhone 6 in Gold!!! 

Then, I'm starting to follow some new Queen of Flatlay. I always love Vivy Yusof and Kim Jones but hey I need more inspiration. I've starting to follow @parisinfourmonths and @thepinkdiary. I love pastel colour photo, bright and looks really really really nice. 

So, here's 5 tips that I read Five tips for taking the perfect flat lay Instagram photo on Australia Vogue. (I'm actually reading Vogue? Can someone help to slap me)

1. Choose a basic background 

White or wood backgrounds are the best for any type of flat lay photos because of their versatility and simplicity. A white bed/table and wooden floor are perfect foundations for a flat lay.

2. Take the photo during the day (and if possible, near a natural light source)

Natural daylight is something you will definitely want to maximise in a flat lay because of the shadows cast on the photo when you’re taking it from above. If you attempt to take a flat lay at night, there will be an unflattering phone shadow in your photo that even a flash cannot fix.

3. Test your object to see if it looks good from a bird’s eye point of view

Magazines, books and photographs always look amazing, as they are naturally flat already. Clothes tend to look bulky and stretched from an above angle so fold them in neat halves or boxy shapes to create structure. To add texture to a flat lay, experiment with flowers, lace and small colourful fruits (like strawberries, blueberries and cherries).

4. Leave space between your objects

Make sure to leave a breathable amount of space between your things to prevent the photo from looking too cluttered. If you use an iPhone on iOS7 the ‘square’ function of the camera is a great template for you to arrange the flat lay (and also for later uploading to Instagram, of course!)

5. Pick a theme and stick to it

Too many different elements can be confusing in a flat lay – show the viewer exactly what you’re trying to say with one theme. Luxurious afternoon spent at home? Flowers, macarons, magazine = tick. Having high tea outside? Teapot, sweets, cakes = tick. Assembled an #OOTD? Clothes, sunnies, heels = tick. There’s nothing more overwhelming than a flat lay that has too much going on!
All photos in this post are taken with an iPhone 5S and edited with VSCOcam 

I hope it helps! Let's try to make our own #flatlay :)


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