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What kind of blogger are you?

It's so random today that I've decided to post something on my blog. I've must been really, really, really bored? I have plenty of time to blog anyway, but tell me what should I post as a housewife? How to cook? I'm not good at cooking AT ALL. Should I share my baking recipe? Pfft. I only can bake brownies and chocolate cake. Should I post everyday OOTD? I'm not a fashion freak. I love fashion, but I just don't worship it so much. I love reading fashion blogs,but damn INSECURITIES. People with expensive clothes, bag, jewellery and oh shoes. She must have been so lucky to have a life like that. Ugh. I really don't know how to syukur am I? Hehe.

Anyway, we live in the world that people are going to tell everything on Instagram, Where is this fancy cafe? "Wow, I love the interior of that cafe, where is this? Oh nice cup! "Oh, living in small Kuching Town, everybody is going crazy over new cafe,new place to dine in and I am no exception! :) Kuching is growing goooood people. It's good to have more fancy cafe, but I just hope the food are good and affordable too.

What does she wear today? I've been following some good looking/well-dressed people on my Instagram. Oh, if I do follow you, and now you know why. Hehe. Then again, BOOM! INSECURITIES ALERT. Mostly people are wearing black/dark palette are one of my favourite now. I know, I dislike black. But you can say that black is my new bestfriend. But I'm not going to wear black everyday. Sometimes, I just want to wear all white, pastel colours. I really do. I wish it's simple as that to shop pastel items. Ugh. People with good OOTD, I'm your stalker so beware! 

Good foods. Come on guys, nice pictures of food does not mean the food is delicious. Maybe some of it nyaman gilak gilak but not all the foods on Instagram is thatttttttt great! But, I'm one of those people trying to take good picture of my food, but still, FAIL. I just wondering how did some people taking nice view of the damn food then make the food looks tempting. Pfft. I have and still learning the process. Damn.

Babies/family. Are you that kind of person that take picture of your Grandma, sister, mother, brother, husband or even worst, babies. Everyday babies. I LOVE babies, cute babies then who doesn't? But do you have to Instagram it EVERYDAY. I'm sure you have more interesting things to share? Unlike me, I don't have babies. Sobs. Then, I'm pretty sure I'm one of that kind of mother. Hehe.

Then, everything goes here, BLOG! Well obviously I don't write here as much as you guys. I just envy you guys. Now, I wanna signing off. 



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