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Selamat Hari Malaysia!

16 September,
Malaysia is 50 now!

Tell you what, we here in Kuching, Sarawak are having great weekends!
We were having SOOOOOOOO much event for two weekends in a row.
I'm so excited to see colourful things and fireworks, of course!
Sadly, it's raining cats and dogs here.
So I can't exactly watch those beautiful fireworks LIVE from the Waterfront or Kampung Boyan like the old days.
I didn't go to Hari Malaysia too because it's raining in the morning and seriously Kuching with full even on the weekends....
Of course jammed, closed roads, etc.

Kuching's event :

Sarawak Regatta@Sarawak River, Kuching Waterfront. 
The annual event, Sarawak Regatta was held as early as before 1872.

International Orchid Show :-)

Kapal berhias :-)

CSM Kapal Berhias with IRONMAN!!!!

AMAZING FIREWORKS LAST NIGHT which I just watched from the telly :-(

Everyday rehearsal. I'm sooooo going to miss the loud sound :-(

TYT's Birthday :-)

Sukhoi Jet flying over Padang Merdeka for Hari Malaysia.

Hari Malaysia :-)

Well, full with great event and I'm a proud Sarawakian.

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