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It's already March and I haven't write a new post for the past two weeks. I don't know where have I been to or what did I do? I just don't know.

So, let's scroll back to two weeks ago. It was Saturday day out again. It was so unplanned (again). I wanted to meet up with my girlfriends last time before the semester breaks over. I wouldn't mind it was just three of us. Yes, as usual just Amy ( my loyal partner) and Naz ( my favourite gossiper ) and don't even ask Lina. 
We went to Haza Cafe for late lunch. I wasn't so sure where was it at first but then I googled it. Not to mention, I asked my second google Nia. She knows every good place and good food in Kuching! Highly recommend if she is an apps. You can just ask her directly, she's nice. She won't bite. 

The cafe is a little small. There's only four tables. Four freaking table. The waiter was creepy. A little bit. That's our secret! No, I won't tell why. The food was good. It's a western. But, there's a BUT it took a little time or maybe I was just too hungry. Almost 30 minutes. On the good sides, the place is nice. Just nice and simple.

Then we wanted to be a tourist for a day. We went to Amphitheatre at first.  I love greenery places There's something between grass and me. I just love to take picture with them! 

Next, Amy wanted to eat Kantong. I told her it's really don't taste good as it looks. It's just bunch of ice and syrup. There's one lace called Baba amd Nyonya Delicacies at Carpenter St I wanted to go, but it was closed! Maybe another time. We went to Black Bean Coffee instead. The coffee was GREAT! I'm not coffee addict but I just love them! Especially my nenek's. The Americano coffee taste just like my nenek's. I drink it every morning. The place is a must try if you want to try. It's good. 

It's picture time! We took pictures at the red wall ( Chinese temple), grass wall, Textile museum stairs. Oh it was in my bucket list of I-must-take-picture-here! Alhamdulillah, I did it!

Here's to more to explore my hometown, Kuching Sarawak!


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